Cyprus is a major source of attraction for the students who want to pursue their career in this island nation after completion of their studies. The beauty of Cyprus and cost of living in Cyprus has attracted many students from around the world.

Work Abroad Cyprus

  1. To find a job is quite a difficult prospect in Cyprus.
  2. Cyprus has got an affordable cost of living.
  3. Cyprus has got an amazing mixture of African and Asian cultures.
  4. It has got a great hotbed of natural beauty.
  5. There have been several graduate-level jobs in Cyprus.
  6. There are jobs for finance professionals and accountants in Cyprus. There are pastry cooks, bakers and confectionary makers in Cyprus.
  7. In Cyprus, there are jobs for domestic cleaners and helpers. You can find electrical engineers, hairdressers, and beauticians in abundance in Cyprus.
  8. Nearly four-fifths of the people work in the service sector, tourism, shipping, and maritime trade. This creates a lot of exciting graduate jobs in Cyprus.

The nightlife attracts many of the international workers around the year. Several of the PR jobs are accessible all through the summer season. You may work four to five days in a week in the low season and six to seven days at the time of the high season. For more details about how to work abroad in Cyprus, you may contact us.

Ads are there in the newspaper and through the recruitment agencies. The district labor offices provide the citizens of the European nations with complete information and advice on finding work. They can arrange for vocational training and placements. In Cyprus, there are various jobs in teaching in the private international schools open for the ones who have got two years of teaching experience.

You need a Bachelor’s degree and also a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. The working hours are usually twenty to thirty hours per week. The benefits and salaries depend on your qualifications. The monthly pay is usually around 1850 Euros.

Study in Cyprus

If you study in accountancy and finance, you will get those skills that prove useful in many sectors. So a degree in finance and accounting proves to be very beneficial in the long run.

If you study data analysis and you have some analytical and mathematical skills, you can get a career as a data analyst. A data analyst is in very high demand across many sectors like consulting, finance, manufacturing, and education. For data analysts, certain skills are very necessary like paying attention to detail and having active communication skills.

For detailed information about studying in Cyprus and to work abroad in Cyprus, contact us anytime.

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