Belarus has got many career options available for the students who have come to study in Belarus. Belarus has no dearth of job availability. There are many jobs available in Belarus. Belarus has many part-time jobs available.

  • The students may search for part-time jobs from their college premises.
  • There are many options of working in Belarus.
  • There are many options that may be availed by the students in Belarus.
  • Belarus is the hub that provides exciting career opportunities for those who want to work and study in Belarus.
  • There are many opportunities that the students may avail in Belarus.
  • The part-time employment is the finest opportunity for the students who wish to work and study in Belarus.

There are options of working at the grocery store, showrooms, malls, and fuel pumps. To be more aware of work and study in Belarus, you may contact us.

Study in Belarus

  • If you want to study in Belarus, you will find an array of course which have a significant focus on research and also expanding its academic horizons.
  • Belarus has a great culture of its own and has its own language, customs, and cuisine.
  • Belarus has been welcoming international students to the universities and colleges for several years. There are at least four thousand full time international undergraduate students who study at the colleges and universities of Belarus.
  • Our staff supports the international students in the process of admission and also answer any queries that you may have in your mind.
  • The universities in Belarus are highly recognized all over the world due to their high standard of the education system.
  • Many of the international students from more than one hundred and fifty nations want to continue their higher education in the colleges and universities in Belarus.
  • There are some reasons to study in Belarus. One is that there is worldwide recognition of degrees in Belarus.
  • If you want to study in Belarus, you will get the nice quality of education.
  • There is a broad choice of courses available in Belarus.
  • The education is highly affordable in Belarus.
  • There is no requirement for TOEFL or IELTS in Belarus.

Belarus is aware of how to treat international students who are living far away from their home.

Cost of living in Belarus

  1. The cost of living in communication is low.
  2. The cost of education is low.
  3. The price of groceries and healthcare is low.
  4. The cost of personal care and culture and recreation is low.
  5. The transport costs are very low.

The cost of living in Belarus is low as compared to other European nations. You may contact us to know more about cost of living in Belarus.

Education system in Belarus

  1. The education system in Belarus blends the structure that it gets from the Soviet Union.
  2. The higher education system in Belarus is exhibited by academies, universities, and institutes.
  3. Belarus has got two hundred and forty-nine vocational schools and fifty-seven higher educational institutions.
  4. The number of teachers hired in the educational sphere is 200,000.
  5. There are more than one hundred advanced training institutions in Belarus.
  6. The government of Belarus has authorized a state program that aims to develop Belarusian and other languages.
  7. There is an option to study one foreign, Russian and Belarusian language.
  8. There are some programs with full or partial instruction in the language of a national minority.
  9. There are one hundred and forty schools with the study of the Belarusian language.

The education system in Belarus is suited to the higher education students and you may contact us to know more about it.

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