The Czech education system is the finest in the entire world. It provides a broad range of study programs that are taught in English language and also other foreign languages that have been designed for the international students.

  • Many international students opt to study in the Czech Republic.
  • Czech Republic is a great location in central Europe.
  • To study in Czech Republic, you have to consider certain aspects like the length of your studies, your status as a foreign student.
  • One has to pay very low tuition fees if you are a non-European student.
  • You can study at the host institution for some specific duration of time and that may be from three months to one year.
  • You will be responsible for preparation of all the important documentation.
  • To study a master’s degree can be a nice alternative for you to get advanced knowledge and get immense confidence in your area of expertise.
  • The students get enrolled in master’s studies in order to have a better paid position.
  • The master’s programs at reputed schools are prestigious.

The tuition fees at the higher education institutions in Czech Republic differs depending on the language of instruction of the course or the study program. For enquiries regarding how to study in Czech Republic for international students, you may contact us.

Education system in Czech Republic

  • The university or tertiary education comprises of all the studies on completion of primary and secondary education.
  • The final examinations comprise of many smaller examinations and an exam of the Czech language.
  • There are many exams in the area of student’s specialization.
  • The exams comprise of two aspects – one is a common examination and a profiling examination.
  • The university education is accessible to all the applicants who have finished the secondary education.
  • The system of entrance examinations is designed by every personal college and is for testing the awareness and skills of the applicants.
  • A bachelor’s degree is a three year course of study in which the students get an elementary survey of some of the specialized areas.

A master’s degree comprises of a five or six-year study program or a two-year program after completing a bachelor’s degree. Contact us to know more about the education system in Czech Republic for international students. The education system in Czech Republic is streamlined, efficient and systematic to meet the requirements of the foreign students.

Cost of living in Czech Republic

  • The cost of living in Czech Republic for several goods and services is affordable.
  • There are so many things to view in Czech Republic that are absolutely free of cost.
  • Potatoes are sumptuous and cheap in the Czech Republic.
  • A meal at a less costly restaurant costs around 90 CZK.
  • As the cost of living in Czech Republic is low, it allows the students to live in a comfortable manner on an affordable budget.
  • The cost of public transportation is quite affordable in the Czech Republic. The affordable restaurants and shops in the Czech Republic may be located in the city center.
  • The supermarket and groceries prices may be compared all through the Czech Republic.
  • The food prices in supermarkets in big cities are the lowest.

The cost of living in Czech Republic for international students is low and suits the students to a great extent. You may contact us to know more about the expenses of living in Czech Republic.

Work and study in Czech Republic

  • There are several students who work and study in Czech Republic at the same time.
  • Some of the students have a part time job.
  • Summer work is quite usual in the Czech Republic.
  • There are set working hours for the international students.
  • There are several international companies functioning in the large cities and one can get employment in those companies.
  • The minimum gross salary for full time jobs is forty hours per week.
  • The average gross salary for full time jobs is forty hours per week.

The rate for part time jobs is approximately 100 CZK an hour for administrative work. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in Czech Republic.

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