Refusal Case Analysis and Refiling

Top advanced nations, such as, Canada, Australia, etc. every year receive tens of thousands of applications from immigration applicants all over the world. However, not everyone among the applicants get selected for final call. So, what happen to rest of the applications? Well, all such application get rejected by the immigration authorities.

Why your application get rejected? 

No one wants his/her application to be rejected by the immigration office. There can be multiple reasons for the denial/rejection of your visa application.

  • Incorrect application: Sometimes applicants are not well aware about the process or they misinterpret the immigration guidelines or instructions. As a result, the application get rejected by the immigration office.
  • Incorrect/inappropriate documents: Most visa applications get rejection due to the incorrect or inappropriate documents submitted by the applicants. Hence, it’s vital to submit the genuine and complete documents along with your application to enhance the chances of getting success on your application. 
  • Financial reasons: The top advanced countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, etc., wants you to show proof of adequate funds your account to support your stay during the initial period. However, if you are failed to show the adequate funds in your account, this can cause the rejection of your visa application.
  • Inappropriate information shared: if you have shared any information about your profile, i.e. work experience, education, demographics, etc. which is found incorrect by authorities while verification, your application can be rejected/denied based on the same. 
  • Immigration officer is not sure about your Intent: If the immigration officer not convinced with your application or intention to move to the destined country, he/she can hold your application and ask for justification. The application can also get rejected or denied in some cases.

However, not all the rejections from immigration office are permanent. In fact, you can work on many rejections to rectify and refile your application. However, to get your application accepted after rejection, you need to have some proper documents, justification and information that can help you justify your position in front of the immigration officer, so that he can give your approval to your application next time around. Delhi Immigration being the leading visa and Immigration documentation Consultancy service has great expertise in dealing with rejections providing right solution to the immigration applicants.

Eliminating rejections to refile the application

Immigration experts and professionals at Delhi Immigration with their vast experience and knowledge of similar past cases, help you in the elimination of rejection points so that you are able to refile your visa application when it is possible. We sit with you, carefully study the rejection reason, discuss the solution, and subsequently, eliminate the objection points one by one to make your application genuine and correct enough to get selected 2nd time.

If you also have got rejection in your immigration application, you may contact qualified and highly experienced immigration experts at Delhi Immigration for Refusal Case Analysis and Refilling. You may call our expert on 90233-40077. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Delhi Immigration e-mail id-

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