New Zealand is one of the most peaceful, clean and safe country to live, work and get settled permanently. Excellent infrastructure, moderate climate, stunning landscape beauty, low unemployment rate, family friendly settings, decent economy and low population, makes New Zealand one of the best places in the world to settle.

If you are one among the thousands of NZ immigration aspirants, let’s find out how you can get PR in New Zealand.

 NZ PR Visa Eligibility

Benefits of Permanent residency

This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

  1. You can leave and enter New Zealand any number of times within the initial period of two years after that it can be renewed if you meet the criteria.
  2. You can apply for citizenship after spending initial years on permanent residency status.It gives you unrestricted rights to study, live and work in New Zealand.
  3. For Education you need to pay domestic fees and not international fees.
  4. You can sponsor your relatives to become permanent residents if they meet the residency and assurance of support requirements.
  5. You will be entitled to get medical and social security benefit.
  6. Children born in New Zealand will be New Zealand citizens by birth.

What is New Zealand permanent residency process?

Well the PR process for New Zealand depends on the stream you have chosen to get permanent residency, i.e. family category visas, skilled migrant, work to residence, or residence from work, etc. To apply for PR, you first need to choose the category of visa you want to apply and after that apply for the same after reviewing the key requirements associated with that particular visa.

The work visa, i.e. SMC, Work to Residence and Residence to work etc. have the different requirements, processing time and application process, hence, you need to explore the each separately to find out, which category of visa suits your profile the best.

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Below are the key visa categories to get Permanent residency in New Zealand:

Family Category visa

  1. Partner
  2. Dependent Child
  3. Parent
  4. Brother, Sister and Adult Child-Closed
  5. Refugee Family Support
  6. Parent Retirement Category
  7. Skilled Migrant
  8. Work to Residence
  9. Residence from Work

What is New Zealand PR point’s calculator?

New Zealand has the point based system to select candidates under work visa categories. The points are allocated based on various profile factors, i.e. education, work experience, language proficiency, job offer, etc. factors. If you are able to secure 140 points, you will get selected for ITA (invitation to apply) for visa. You will be able to submit an EOI, if you have points 100-135, however, that doesn’t guarantee the ITA. Immigration NZ launch draws every fortnight to select the candidates, who are able to achieve the cut off marks for that particular draw.

Key to Success for point based NZ immigration system

Your chances of getting selected for ITA increase if you have any of the below:

  1. An employment offer for skilled job, or

  2. The bonus points achieved for having the work experience in an absolute skill shortage occupation.

What are the requirements of New Zealand PR?

In order to become eligible to apply for the NZ PR visa, you need to fulfill the basic criteria for the same. Below are the key requirements of NZ PR:

  1. You require to be 55 years or under

  2. Need to be in good health

  3. Need to be of good character

  4. You need to have a job offer for work (for sponsored work visa)

  5. You need to show the intent to fulfill the conditions of your visa

  6. You need to have the required experience to do the work you are offered

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How to Apply for New Zealand permanent residence from India

Indians share special bond with New Zealand. A lot of Indian student, skilled migrants, and families immigrate to New Zealand from India every year.  As an immigrant you will be amazed to see the infrastructure, world class cities, clean environment, and high living standard of New Zealand.

In order to get PR in New Zealand from India, you need to apply for any of the appropriate visas as mentioned above.

Skilled Migration Visa is the most common pathway that most of Indians follow to get PR in New Zealand. It’s based on point based system. To interpret the guidelines and apply with accuracy you can get in touch with a reliable immigration consultancy services.

Delhi Immigration is a leading Immigration Consultancy that offers customized immigration solution and services for immigration to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and other such countries.

To get the key assistance from Delhi Immigration, you can call the experts at 90233-40077. You may also send your queries to for getting reply from the expert itself.

New Zealand education system is considered to be based on the belief that an egalitarian society requires equal access to a high quality tax payer funded education system.

New Zealand is famous for its early childhood education .People across the globe come to New Zealand to study early childhood courses like Play centre (birth to school age), Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Kananga Reo (Maori language immersion schools), Privately owned Licensed Early Childhood Centres (ages 0-5) – Usually privately owned, State funded Chartered Early Childhood Centres (ages 0-5).The country offers free education for all New Zealand children from 5 years to 19 years and is compulsory for the age of 6 to 16 years.

Country offers safe learning environment with excellent learning opportunities and support for international students. Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools and private training establishments. New Zealand being multicultural makes international students comfortable to live as soon as they enter the country. Students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia,

New Zealand degrees are based on the worlds most recognized and accredited education system- The British System. New Zealand education has very high reputation with its practical and modern approach The “International Office” in tertiary institutions provides a high quality support service to help you adjust to your new environment and successfully complete your studies.


  1. You must produce the letter of enrollment from the institute with the required details listed in the immigration law.
  2. You must meet good health and character requirements.
  3. You must have enough money to support yourself or acceptable sponsor to cover your accommodation and living cost or financial assistance available to you under aid programmes operated in New Zealand by a government agency. You must show NZ$1,250 for each month of your stay less any prepaid living expenses if programme is for less than nine months and NZ$15,000 per year to cover your costs during your stay in New Zealand less any prepaid living expenses if programme is for more than nine months.
  4. You must have a passport with a validity of at least three months past the date you are supposed to leave the country.
  5. You must be able to convince the visa officer that you will leave the country after you complete your course.
  6. You must have the required English skills.

You can even study on working holiday scheme or exchange Student programme.


  1. Band A New Zealand (GST inclusive)-250 NZ$.
  2. Band B Australia-195 NZ$
  3. Band C Rest of the world-270 NZ$.

Delhi Immigration will:-

  1. Select the best educational Institute as per your interested area of study
  2. Check your eligibility against the admission criteria of the scrutinized institute.
  3. Get the admission letter from the institute.
  4. Assists in getting education loan and other financial certificates.
  5. Apply Visa on your behalf.
  6. Provide pre departure counseling.

List Of Colleges Represented by Us:-

  1. Wellington Institute of Technology
  2. AIS St Helen
  3. CPIT, Christchruch
  4. International College of Auckland
  5. Western Institute of Technology (WITT)
  6. Waiariki Institute of Technology
  7. Academic college Group (ACG)
  8. New Zealand Management Academics (NZMA)
  9. Cornell Institute of Business & Techno
  10. Bay of plenty Polytechnic, Tauranga
  11. Nelson Marlborough institute of technology
  12. Pacific international hotel school management
  13. International travel & tourism college (ITC)
  14. New Zealand Career College (NZCC)
  15. North Shore International Academy
  16. Royal Business College, Auckland, Christchurch
  17. Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland
  18. National Institute of Studies, Auckland
  19. Auckland Wise Institute, Auckland
  20. Auckland Gold Star Institute, Auckland
  21. Queens Academy Group. Auckland
  22. Southern institute of Technology
  23. Wintec Institute of Technology
  24. Natcoll Design Technology
  25. NZ  institute  of  education.
  26. ELLIPS  institute
  27. WLCNZ  institute
  28. WAIRIKI  institute  of  Technology
  29. Professional  Bar &  Restaurant  School(PBRS)
  30. Kite college
  31. Concordia  institute  of  Business
  32. Tasman International Academies
  33.  Linguis International College
  34.  Aaroki Polytechnic
  35.  Whitieria Polytechnic
  36.  UUNZ
  37.  Concordia Institute
  38.  Edenz College
  39.  IANZ College

You may get in touch with out qualified expert for further guidance at 90233-40077 or send your queries to

Spectacular landscape beauty, Gorgeous Beaches and rainforests, temperate climate, Clean and Sanitized environment, Safe & Secure tourist destination, Spectacular Sceneries, i.e. Mountains, lakes, glaciers, and volcanoes

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you are planning a holiday abroad, New Zealand would be a perfect choice for you with its exceptional landscape beauty, temperate climate and beautiful beaches and rainforests, etc. New Zealand is also a safe tourist destination with low crime rate and naturally warm and friendly people hospitable to tourists. People visit New Zealand for number of reasons like holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends, to be a business visitor or for other short-term non-work things like medical treatment or medical consultations.

What makes New Zealand a Perfect Tourism Destination?

  1. Beautiful sandy beaches and rainforests
  2. Mountains, lakes, glaciers, and even volcanoes to view and explore
  3. Temperate climate throughout the year.
  4. Vast open plains & thermal wonderlands
  5. Low population density offers you a divine peace and calmness in the beautiful valleys and wide open farmlands and spaces.
  6. The 30% of land area is dedicated to national parks
  7. Clean and sanitized environment and surroundings.
  8. Safe & secure for Tourists

The Eligibility Conditions for NZ Visit

  1. You must be able to demonstrate evidence of your purpose of visit.
  2. You meet health and character requirements.
  3. You must have a passport with a validity of at least three months past the date you are supposed to leave the country or one month past when you intend to leave the country.
  4. You must be able to convince the visa officer that you will leave the country when your visa expires or going to get expire.
  5. You must be able to show NZ$1000 per person per month of the visit, or NZ$400 per person per month if accommodation has already been paid for – we will require proof of prepayment, such as hotel prepaid vouchers

What are the various categories of NZ Visit Visa?

There are many categories under visit visa depending on your purpose of visit with same requirements and additional evidences. They are:-

Employment and Business related

  1. Applicants seeking occupational registration
  2. Approved arts and music festivals
  3. Business visitors
  4. Conference delegate
  5. Crew members joining vessels or aircraft
  6. Department of Conservation volunteers
  7. German law students and graduates
  8. Owners and crew of super yachts
  9. Sports events
  10. Visiting Media Programme
  11. Visiting academics
  12. Work visa holders dismissed during a trial period

Partners, children, and other relatives

  1. Children adopted overseas
  2. Children to be adopted
  3. Culturally-arranged marriage
  4. Dependent children of New Zealand citizens and residents
  5. Multiple entry visitor visa for parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens/residents
  6. Parents and guardians of students
  7. Partners and dependent children of student or work visa holders
  8. Partners of New Zealand residents and citizens

Other types of visitor visa

  1. Antarctic travelers
  2. Escorts of patients coming to New Zealand for medical treatment or consultation
  3. Group visas
  4. Seeking medical treatment or consultation
  5. Temporary Retirement Category
  6. Travelling by private yacht or aircraft

You do not need a visitor visa if you are stopping off at a New Zealand airport on your way to another country, staying in New Zealand for less than 24 hours, and not leaving the transit area of the airport. However, you may require a transit visa. Fee for Transit Visa is 140 NZ$


  1. Band A New Zealand (GST inclusive)-165 NZ$.
  2. Band B Australia-130 NZ$
  3. Band C Rest of the world-165 NZ$.

New Zealand has enormous number of industries experiencing shortage of skilled employees resulting into extensive opportunities to overseas skilled professionals to work in the country. New Zealand economy is a market based economy focused primarily on international trade, mainly with Australia, the European Union, the United States, China, South Korea and Japan. It has only small manufacturing and high-tech sectors, being strongly focused on tourism and primary industries such as agriculture.

Unemployment rate in New Zealand is way above many other countries including Canada. New Zealand is also considered as the second-lowest personal tax burden in the OECD, once all compulsory effects (such as superannuation and other mandatory deductions) were included in the tax-take.

Government of New Zealand wants people who want to enter and work legally in Australia to apply for Working Visa before moving therefore it is very essential to know out of various working visa categories, which to choose that fits best with your eligibility and requirement. Work permit categories are as follows:-

Working Permanently in New Zealand

  1. Skilled Migrant
  2. Work to Residence
  3. Residence from Work

Working Temporarily in New Zealand

  1. Essential Skills
  2. Family Category
  3. Specific Purpose or Event
  4. Students and Trainees
  5. Study to Work
  6. Work Exchange Schemes
  7. Special Arrangements
  8. China Special Work Category
  9. Silver Fer Visa
  10. Relocating with Employer

4th freest economy in the world, Govt. offers great freedom in business, investment, and finance, taxation is positive for investors, Start-up companies enjoy greater level of flexibility, No minimum capital required, Foreign investments are highly welcomed

New Zealand is one of the most ideal countries for Business and Investment. Its Business Visa Categories are specially designed to promote and encourage the foreign business and investment in the country in order to further develop and enhance the economy here. NZ Government support and encourage the experienced business people to buy or establish the Business in NZ.

Due to the transparent and steady business environment to encourage the entrepreneurship, Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the 3rd best country for business. Easy money flow and positive taxation in favor of investors and businessmen are the two key aspects that attract and invite the investors to this part of the world.

What makes New Zealand an ideal country for Business and Investment?

  1. New Zealand economy is considered as 4th freest in terms of economic freedom.
  2. Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the third best country for business
  3. The country is parliamentary democratic and one of the Asia–Pacific region’s most prosperous countries.
  4. Getting money in and out of New Zealand is easy and there are very few limitations on what you can or can’t invest in here.
  5. New Zealand drives its major business from agriculture but also benefits from a flourishing manufacturing sector, thriving tourism, and a strong renewable geothermal energy resource base.
  6. Government of New Zealand offers great freedom in business, investment, and finance.
  7. Start-up companies enjoy greater level of flexibility under licensing and other regulatory frameworks.
  8. No minimum capital required, it takes only one day to start a business
  9. Foreign investments are highly welcomed.
  10. The taxation here is positive for investors.

What are the various Business Visa Categories in NZ?

If you want to set up your business in New Zealand our experienced staff will help you to find out and apply the visa suitable to your needs out of the following:-


  1. Investor/Investor Plus categories
  2. Temporary Retirement Category


  1. Long Term Business Visa Category
  2. Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur Plus categories

Employees of a Relocating Business

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