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We at Delhi Immigration are a reliable and fast growing Immigration Consultancy Service in India. With our registered Office in Moga Punjab, we provide the customized immigration solutions to the immigration aspirants across the length and breadth of India and the world.

We have a dedicated team of qualified immigration experts, with expertise in the visa and immigration procedures of the countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

Our services are super tailored to meet the travel needs of:

  • Professionals seeking better career and life in these countries
  • Families and couples needing to migrate and live overseas
  • Students wanting to further their studies
  • Business people wishing to migrate permanently
  • And all classes…Read More
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Hi friends, I just got the confirmation of my permanent residency visa for Canada and it feels great. All the credit for this happy occasion in my life belongs to the wonderful people in Delhi Immigration, Moga. They have been really great in processing my papers and handling my unending queries towards my process and I must confess that some of my queries were repetitive and some were plain dumb to be frank, but the Delhi Immigration consultants had the patience to graciously give a ear to all my concerns.I must say that the agency beautifully mixes professionalism with a personal touch as they always supported me whenever I felt that the process hit a roadblock and was kind enough to rationally explain the reasons for delay and kept me motivated throughout the process. I must reserve special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Kamal Deep who helped me throughout and was my “go to” person for all my doubts. He was religiously committed to my PR process and he was the one who kept on giving me hope when i was in doubt and for this i will be indebted to Mr. Kamal Deep & co throughout my life.

Usha Mishra

Permanent Resident, Canada

Delhi Immigration is one of those companies that come by pleasant surprise unexpectedly. I picked them off google and gave them a ring offhand, 10 months back. Navdeep convinced me that I was on the right track and kick-started my formalities within a couple of days. Thereafter he has been guiding through the nuances of the PR petitioning process at every turn. Though they worked out of Punjab and I out of Bombay, there never was any need to ever meet in person. The communiques and responses were always on time and I never had any reason to complain. So cheers and i hope they extend the same professionalism going forward as well. 

Durgesh Gidwani

Permanent Residence, Canada

Very pleased I chose to go with Delhi immigration for my Canadian Permanent Residency. A HUGE HUGE thanks to Ms. Shergill for all her hard work and support in helping us get our PR! She has been supportive and polite throughout and always responded thoroughly to my queries, which were plenty. I wish everyone gets a consultant like her. All my steps were cleared smoothly without any issues and not even a single query has been left unanswered. She has been in continuous touch throughout the process and giving us hopes during the long wait period. I’m sincerely THANKFUL on behalf of my family to all Delhi Immigration Team for assisting in the immigration process and making sure that we get it without any difficulties.

Armaan Preet

Permanent Residence, Canada

Hello Everyone…. I have signed up with this consultancy and till now my experience is good. They seemed highly professional and kept the same spirit throughout till now. I have signed up for Express Entry – Personalized Guidance Package which is literally a unique package in a super cheap price. I think they are trying to target a niche market of people like me 🙂 who have profound knowledge of the process and guides the people at every step throughout, basically ensures that the process is smooth and stress free in a very cheap price. For me, it was something I just wanted wherein I am getting the expert lawyer advice at every step.

Sunita Pandey

Permanent Resident, Canada

I had an excellent and satisfying experience with Delhi Immigration. My case was handled by Navdeep Singh Jittla. He is very thorough and diligent with the required documentation. Every stage of the process was very clearly explained by him. At the same time, He answered all your questions patiently. I think he has acquired lot of knowledge around this complicated and time-consuming process. Thanks to Delhi Immigration team for being a support and mentor throughout the process.

Jagdeep Singh Saini

Permanent Resident, Canada

I took a leap of faith when I decided to go with Delhi Immigration in Feb 2018, 1st because  I never heard of it from anyone I know and 2nd it s office is in Punjab (Remote for me as I was in Nagpur). But eventually it paid off in August 2018. I got my PR for Canada in 6 Months :-). It was really a wonderful journey with them, especially Navdeep and Ms. Shergill helped me in initial days with confusion between Australia and Canada and many other profile specific queries and has been a great support always. and Navdeep was my Case manager, he helped with my profile, documents, the process and many many other things. I was a bit worried since I changed my job after the ITA but Navdeep always helped me getting the proper required documents and assured that things will go smoothly; I really appreciate your support Navdeep. Though I have never met anyone from the Delhi Immigration in person and didn’t even visit their office, still they handled everything perfectly and were always helpful via phone and email.  I never got a proper chance to thank you both due to the PR excitement, A big thanks to both of you Navdeep and Ms. Shergill.

Mohit Thakur

Permanent Residence, Canada

I am happy to share that we have received our Canada PR recently and would like to thank Delhi Immigration for the excellent services they have rendered. My contact person at Delhi Immigration was Navdeep Singh Jittla and He has guided and supported us in an excellent manner throughout the process. He was very prompt in articulating all the requirements and has managed the whole process in a very professional manner. I would like to thank Navdeep for his excellent support and professional mannerism and wish his all the best in his future endevaours. I would like to recommend Delhi Immigration to all the prospective candidates. Genuine company with a customer centric focus well supplemented by excellent people. Thanks and All the Best !!!

Varun Senthil

Permanent Resident, Canada

Everyone loves positive feedback, therefore, I feel it becomes moral responsibility to appreciate publicly all those efforts made for you to help achieving your dreams and goals.I am so grateful of the wonderful people at Delhi Immigration for their consultations without whom I might have wasted time and effort and could have faced issues and objections with my PR process. My sincere thanks to Navdeep Singh Jittla, who remained calm, composed and focused even when I had freaked out by following expat forums. His work ethics are beyond praise and highly commendable. He advised me with right, requisite and minimal documents thus I got my PR in less than 1 month. I must also say the team is supported by all strong members Kamal Deep and Pooja who were cooperative all thru this journey. I would definitely recommend Delhi Immigration as I had no known reference and recommendations and glad I found the best. I wish them the success and Keep up the good work.

Sanjeet Dangi

Permanent Resident, Canada

To begin with, I was rather apprehensive about starting my visa process with Delhi Immigration. I must admit that I was rather overwhelmed by the information and the guidance they provided me in the first meeting given that Express Entry was relatively new process. But, I was convinced that they had the knowledge and expertise to guide me through the process. I had reservations about how effective the communication process would be. But, the process was handled very professionally and I was assigned to Mr. Navdeep Singh Jittla Moga office. Again, I was impressed by the amount of knowledge he possessed about the Canadian Immigration process and was very clear in communicating the way ahead for the visa process. There was constant two way communication and he was always readily available to respond to my queries. He was always there at all stages of the documentation process right from helping in drafting reference letters to choosing the correct NOC code for my profession. He was very proactive in communicating about the provincial nominations whenever available and was constantly following up on the updates about my application. I am a Canadian PR now and I never faced any issues during my entire application process thanks to the dedicated efforts of Navdeep and the entire Delhi Immigration team.

Lakshmy Kumar

Permanent Residence, Canada

Thank you Delhi Immigration for your support and guidance throughout my Canada PR visa application process. Special mention of my case manager, Navdeep Singh Jittla. Your in-depth knowledge of the process and absolute professional attitude ensured that we faced no issues at all. All calls were attended to or returned in a timely manner and all queries were answered to my satisfaction. Regular reminders ensured that our documents were in place well ahead of deadlines and the visa application was submitted without any hiccups. Your confidence made me believe that my case was in right hands and that I will receive utmost professional advice at each step.I will definitely recommend your services in my circle. Good work!”

Simrandeep Sharma

Permanent Resident, Canada

I had so many questions about my Canadian Immigration process and there was literally not a single consultant around my area was able to answer my questions in the detailed fashion. One of my friend (ex-client of Delhi Immigration) suggested me to visit Delhi Immigration once. He was appreciating their commitment and dedication a lot. I went with my wife and everything went smooth. I had plethora of questions and Mr. Navdeep had listened to all of my questions patiently and answered them in detail. I have been hearing about Delhi Immigration a lot and my experience with them till now was also phenomenal. I am thinking to apply for Canadian PR very soon. Thank you Mr. Navdeep for your time and detailed guidance.

Gurbinderjit Singh

Canada PR Aspirant

Immigration News

FAQ's for International Admissions

Universities in the US need the GRE and TOEFL for admission to non-business programmes at the Master’s level. At the Bachelor’s level students need to appear for the SAT and SAT subject tests. UK universities require the IELTS / TOEFL for admissions. All leading business schools across the world need the GMAT for admissions (some of them will now accept the GRE as well).

US and Canadian universities need students to have 16 years of undergraduate education for admission, although a few universities have waived this requirement now. It is better to pursue at least one year of a Master’s degree course and fulfil this requirement before you apply (some schools may even need the 2nd year of the Master’s degree). UK and European universities, on the other hand, follow the 15 years of undergraduate study pattern which is similar to the Indian system of education and hence don’t need a 16th year.

Scholarships are competitive and awarded to the most deserving students. At the graduate level you can get funding in the form of graduate assistantships where you work or research with professors. In exchange you will get your entire tuition fees waived, and get a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses. Naturally, such awards are very competitive. Universities abroad consider various factors such as previous academics, entrance test scores, work experience, application documents and so on while assessing an application for admission and scholarships; hence, it is imperative to have a well-rounded outstanding profile before you apply. Such awards are available generally at the Master’s level only.

An average tuition fee of a US university is about US$ 30,000 per-year and average living expenses are about US$ 10,000 per-year. Average fees at UK universities is around 15,000 pounds per-year and average fees at Canadian universities is around CA$ 20,000 per year. Fees will vary from university to university and country to country, hence you must check with each university individually for their fee structure. Fees for MBA courses may be higher.

Students, who are financially weak but keen on studying abroad, can avail of funding resources such as need based grants from universities, grants from trusts, and bank loans. Remember, not every university gives financial aid and hence you should check the financial aid regulations before you apply to universities. Additionally, in India, you can consider approaching various trusts such as Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust, Aga Khan Foundation, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial trust scholarships and Nanabhoy Jejeebhoy Charity Trust which offer loan and grants to students seeking education abroad. Please contact these individual institutes for further details.

For loans, most Indian banks now provide up to 20 lakh education loan and some state banks will offer you a certain amount of the loan (generally 7.5 lakh) without any collateral or security and offer good interest rates as well. Please contact individual banks to get an idea. Having said this, it is best to plan your finances well, before you make any decision.

MBA is a broader, practical-oriented degree covering all aspects of a business (marketing, finance, human resources, operations) and then, allowing you to specialise in your desired major. Leading business schools worldwide need the GMAT and TOEFL / IELTS for admission in addition to full-time work experience of at least three years. Hence, if you are keen on pursuing your MBA, try to gain good work-experience after your Bachelor’s and strengthen your profile, which will boost your chances of admission in a good B-school. You should not attempt an MBA without having full-time work experience.

For studying in Germany, refer to the website to get information on the universities offering your course. You can also contact the university directly and request them to put you in touch with international students currently studying with them, so that you can learn more from their experiences.

For the GRE you can refer to the ETS GRE Revised Test, Barrons and Kaplan GRE books. For GMAT, you can refer to books such GMAT Official Guide and the Manhattan Study Guides. For SAT, you can refer to the Collegeboard Official Study Guide. For the TOEFL, you can refer to the Barrons and Kaplan books as well as For IELTS, you can collect your study material from the British Council. For more information on the IELTS you can refer to Sam Mc Carter and Judith Ash.

Universities abroad consider various factors such as previous academics, entrance test scores, work experience, application documents and so on while assessing an application for admission and scholarships; hence, it is imperative to have a well rounded profile.

For the student visa, as long as you have an admission offer from an accredited university and are able to show sufficient funds to cover your education and living, it should not be a problem. Just be honest when you apply for your visa.

You can make the payment of your tuition fees through wire transfer. For this, you will need your university bank account information. Alternatively, you can also make a demand draft of the amount and carry it with you. The wire transfer is the preferred method of paying fees.

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