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Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long term residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany for six months and look for work on your own. Through this visa, Germany intends to attract highly educated skilled immigrants who are able to meet the requirements of country’s skills shortage. The job seeker visa is valid for a period of 6 months. If an applicant has been successful in finding a work within this period, he/she can convert the Job Seeker visa into a long-term residence permit.

Germany – A wonderful Destination for Immigrants

Vibrant large cities, fairy-tale castles and villages, breath-taking nature from the North Sea to the Alps: Germany is a country with a thousand faces! Germany is the economic engine of Europe and it is one of the richest and safest countries of the world. Its educational system is free and highly competitive

Highly skilled workers (particularly the STEM graduates) are in great demand in Germany because of the demographic shift. In Germany, you have the opportunity to discover new professional perspectives and to develop yourself freely in your professional and private life.

Key Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa

Here are the key benefit of this popular Germany visa:

  1. The job seeker visa allows you to stay in Germany and look out for suitable work for yourself
  2. After getting a long term work opportunity, you can apply for residence permit
  3. On completion 5 years on residence permit, you can apply for permanent residency in Germany

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Am I eligible for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a holder of Bachelor Degree or Master’s Degree from German Universities or foreign degrees equivalent to German Degrees.
  2. Applicant must have minimum of five years’ experience related to the field of studies.
  3. Applicant must show the proofs of sufficient funds to support his/her stay in Germany.
  4. Applicant must have travel or medical insurance to cover the entire period of the stay until residence permit is granted.
  5. Applicant is required to show Minimum 3.5 lakhs in liquid cash

Documents Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, next step is to gather the required documents to support your application for visa. The supporting documents assure the immigration officers that you meet the criteria of Germany Job Seeker Visa. Hence, you must attach accurate and complete set of required documents along with your application to boost your chances of selection for this visa.

The documents needed along with your Germany Job Seeker Visa application are as follows:

  1. A valid passport (issued in the last 10 years and valid for minimum12 months after your scheduled return)
  2. An A4 Size copy of your passport’s data page
  3. 3 Passport Size Pictures as per the biometric specifications
  4. A cover letter explaining the objective of your visit to, how you plan to find a work, period of stay in Germany, as well as further career options in case you cannot find employment.
  5. Proof of Educational qualification (Degree from Germany University or an equivalent degree) along with certificates of past work experience
  6. Your Resume (Including complete details about education and work experience)
  7. Proof of accommodation in Germany (i.e. your plan of stay in Germany, i.e. with friends, relatives, etc.)
  8. Proof of Financial resources/funds to support your stay in Germany. You can provide any of the below documents, i.e.
  9. A bank account statement which proves that you can finance/support your stay in Germany
  10. Obligation letter from a sponsor in Germany (if any)
  11. Provide documents as personal status proof in your home country, i.e. birth certificate (of self, wife, children, etc.), marriage certificate, Aadhar Card, etc. (with English translation)
  12. Health Insurance proof

You require making two sets of all the above mentioned documents. However, just submitting the documents doesn’t guarantee the approval of Germany Job seeker Visa. The immigration office must find your documents and reason for visit, etc. satisfactory to approve your visa application.

After you submit the Application and Documents

The final decision on your visa application lies with the immigration office (application center) only. Once you submit all the documents, your interview with the immigration officer will be scheduled. Hence, approval of your Germany Job Seeker visa will depend entirely on your submitted application form, documents, background check, and interview.

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Delhi Immigration being the foremost Immigration Documentation Consultancy Service in India, provides you crucial documentation assistance to apply Germany Job Seeker Visa. The qualified immigration experts here provide you the stage wise document checklist along with the document samples for your reference.

The experts at Delhi Immigration also assist you with the essential inputs wherever necessary to ensure that you prepare an error free documents file, and subsequently, submit the application well within the time.

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Danish Green Card allows you to get the residence permit to look for work or do work in Denmark. The work permit and residency in Denmark under the Green Card Scheme is granted to a candidate, based on his score in point based evaluation system.

There is no separate work permit is required, if you have been allocated a residence permit under Green Card scheme. You can live and work in Denmark with the residence permit under Green Card Scheme; however, no self employed business is allowed under this scheme.

What are the Selection Criteria under Green Card Scheme?

As discussed above, Danish Green Card issuance is based on the point based immigration system. Hence, you need to score at least 100 points aggregate based on your key profile details, i.e. Language Skills, Work Experience, Education, Adaptability, and Age to become eligible to be selected for Danish Green Card.

Am I eligible for Danish Green Card

Check the point’s allocation system below:

Point System:-

Education LevelPoints
Bachelor’s degree/Graduated from medium-length education30
Bachelor’s degree followed by one-year Master’s degree50
Master’s degree60
Bonus points if your University falls under world’s top universities 
Top 40010
Top 20015
Top 10020
Language Skills 
Danish level 15
Danish level 210
IELTS 5.0-6.0 Band or Danish level 320
IELTS 6.5 Band or Studies Danish as second language for 1 year of study or work.40
Completion of 1 year of study in  higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland5
Completion of 3-5 year of study in higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland10
Professional Experience in EU/EEA/Switzerland Points 
1 year (12 consecutive months) legal residence and work in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland.5
2 year (24 consecutive months) legal residence and work in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland.10
Danish Language skills in education as Level 25

If you have any doubts to calculate points you can ask here

What are the key Benefits of the Green Card Scheme?

  1. You are allowed a free movement across all the countries of the Schengen Area without visa.
  2. You can make application for the permanent residency (PR) if you in case you fulfill certain conditions.
  3. Your family members accompanying you can also live, work and study fulltime in Denmark once you are settled.

What is the Duration of Danish Green Card?

For the first time, you get the residence permit up to two years, under Green Card Scheme. You can apply for the extension of your permit up to 3 years, before it gets expired. It can further be extended for up to 3 years at one go. However, the extension of your residence permit will depend upon the fact whether you have achieved the minimum salary required in past one year, although, more than one job is also acceptable for achieving the minimum income criteria.

What are the Job Opportunities in Denmark?

Well, your employment in Denmark will rely on the two key aspects. First of all, you need to explore the Denmark Immigration Positive list to find out whether your profile is in demand or not here. Secondly, the authorities will check, whether your profile is relevant to take the high profile jobs in Denmark. The Danish language skills can certainly boost your chances of getting selected in the scheme. The Danish Green Card provides you the residence permit to find or do job in Denmark, however, it is entirely your responsibility to search a job in Denmark and get employed.

What are the keys to success for achieving a Danish Green Card Visa?

  1. Score minimum 100 points in the point system of Danish Green Card scheme
  2. Master’s degree or higher
  3. IELTS 6.5 Band or Studies Danish as second language for 1 year of study or work.
  4. Occupation in Denmark Immigration positive list
  5. Coordinate with Bonafide Immigration Consultant to get prepared for Denmark immigration

How to apply for the Green Card visa?

Well, you need to go through the multifaceted process to apply for and receive the Danish Green Card Visa. Once you are thorough with all the procedural guidelines and requisite parameters, you can apply online generating a Case Order ID. However, it is advised that you coordinate with the Danish immigration expert at Delhi Immigration to get your file best prepared for the scheme.

To start the proceedings, you can fill the free assessment form to first confirm your eligibility for the Danish Green Card. The expert will call you after the thorough assessment of your profile and with the comprehensive plan as to how you can secure your Danish Green Card Visa.

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Highly developed, capitalist and most freest economy, capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade, Highly Developed Transportation Network, centre of modern architecture, ranked second in the Ease of Doing Business, high level of civil liberties.

Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to live and work. Hong Kong is Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, located on the southern coast of China. It ranks very high in terms of high GDP, well-developed infrastructure, high living standard, high human development index, low taxation, etc. If you have the right qualification and experience, you can be considered eligible to get the Hong Visa as per Hong Kong Skilled Migrant Policy. Apart from this if you pursue you education in Hong Kong, you may also be able to enhance your chances of Hong Kong Immigration.

Why Hong Kong is Popular Immigration Destination?

  1. Hong Kong has a highly developed, capitalist and most freest economy in the world.
  2. Hong Kong is a leading centre for international finance and trade.
  3. The Government here favors the industrial development and growth.
  4. It was ranked second in the Ease of Doing Business Index in the world.
  5. Highly Developed Transportation Network facilitates the workers, businessmen and the people in general.
  6. Hong Kong dollar, is one of the most traded currencies in the world
  7. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the seventh largest Stock Exchange in the world.
  8. Hong Kong laws provide high level of civil liberties.
  9. The basic law here guarantees the high degree of religious freedom; hence it welcomes the individuals with diverse, culture, religion, and customs.
  10. It is considered as a centre of modern architecture, and one of the world’s most vertical cities.

How to Apply for Hong Kong Visa?

If you have the opportunity of working in Hong Kong, go for it! You will experience a thriving business world and a competitive job market. Due to its location, free port status, well-developed infrastructure, and low taxation, Hong Kong has been popular among those seeking new challenges abroad since years

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong has introduced Quality Migrant Admission Scheme to attract highly skilled or talented persons who are fresh entrants not having the right to enter and remain in Hong Kong to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness in the global market. Successful applicants under the Scheme may bring their spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong provided that they are capable of supporting and accommodating their dependants on their own financial resources without relying on public assistance in Hong Kong.

In order to Qualify under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme one must score minimum of 80 points based on the following factors:-

 FactorsPointsClaimed Points
1Age (Maximum 30 points)
 51 or above0 
2Academic/Professional Qualifications (Maximum 70 points)
 Doctoral degree / Two or more master’s degrees40 
 Master’s degree / Two or more bachelor’s degrees20 
 Bachelor Degree / Professional Qualification awarded by a nationally or internationally recognized or acclaimed professional body which demonstrates that the holder has a very high level of technical expertise or skill10 
 Additional points if a degree at bachelor level or higher is awarded by a renowned institution recognized internationally30 
3Work Experience (Maximum 55 points)
 Not less than 10 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 5 years in a senior role40 
 Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 2 years in a senior role30 
 Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience15 
 Not less than 2 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience5 
 Additional points for not less than 2 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience with international exposure outside your home country/territory15 
4Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 points)
 Being proficient both in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English20 
 Being proficient in at least one foreign language (written and spoken) in addition to written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English15 
 Being proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English10 
5Family Background (Maximum 20 points)
5.1At least one immediate family member (married spouse, parents, siblings, children) is a Hong Kong permanent resident residing in Hong Kong5 
5.2Accompanying married spouse is educated to the equivalent level of a degree or above5 
5.35 points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under the age of 18, maximum 10 points5 / 10 
Maximum 195 Points 

Achievement-based Points Test

The Scheme also caters for the entry of individuals with exceptional talent or skill who have outstanding achievements. They may choose to be assessed under a separate Achievement-based Points Test. Assessment under this test focuses on achievements attained by applicants and applicants who opt to be assessed under this test are claiming a scoring of 165 points under one scoring factor only.

Points may be awarded under this test if:

  1. the applicant has received an award of exceptional achievement (e.g. Olympic medals, Nobel prize, national/international awards); or
  2. The applicant can show that his/her work has been acknowledged by his/her peers or has contributed significantly to the development of his/her field (e.g. lifetime achievement award from industry).

Other Prerequisites:-

  1. You must be above 18 years of age.
  2. You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and accompanying family members.
  3. You must hold good moral conduct and health.
  4. The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English.
  5. The applicant must have a good education background, normally a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution.


No application fee is chargeable upon application submission. The prescribed fee for the issue of a visa, entry permit, or extension of stay under the Scheme is HK$160.

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Seventh highest per capita income in the world, Economy second highest in Africa and 34th highest in the world, Multiethnic and multicultural society, hotspot tourist destination, Industries facing the skill shortage and hence, offering job opportunities for skilled overseas workers.


South Africa is a culturally diverse nation that welcomes the huge number of immigrants every year from all parts of the world. South Africa is a home to the people of various cultures, religions, and customs. It is quite evident from the fact that its constitution gives the recognition to 11 official languages. It has the second largest economy in Africa and hence, provides tremendous employment opportunities to the national as well as to the overseas workers. This is why it is one of the popular immigration destinations in the world.

How it is to be in South Africa?

  1. South Africa has the Seventh highest per capita income in the world
  2. Economy second highest in Africa and 34th highest in the world.
  3. SA is ranked as the upper middle income economy by world bank
  4. South Africa is Multiethnic and multicultural society that welcomes the individuals from different religion, custom, and culture.
  5. In year 2013 SA was ranked as the top African country of the future by FDI magazine based on its economic potential cost effectiveness and infrastructure, labour business friendliness and FDI Strategy.
  6. South Africa is also a hotspot tourist destination and significant amount of SA income comes from the tourism industry.
  7. SA is considered to be a newly industrialized country, which is facing the skill shortage to a great extent and hence, it offers vast job opportunities in various sectors for national and overseas skilled workers.

How to Apply for SA visa?

A foreigner, who intends to conduct work in the Republic of South Africa and who falls within the specific professional category or within a specific occupational class determined by the Minister of Department of Home Affairs at least annually, may be issued with a quota work permit, provided that the number of work permits so issued does not exceed the predetermined quota.

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Looking for a Peaceful Place for Citizenship by Investment? – Choose Antigua and Barbuda- the most Beautiful Caribbean Country

If you are looking to get the citizenship in one of the most beautiful, tranquil and outstanding place in the Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda is the country for you to settle. It’s a wonderful English speaking Caribbean country that offers citizenship to the worldwide immigrants through its straightforward and uncomplicated Citizenship by Investment Program. Let’s first get a short introduction to this incredible Caribbean nation.

A Short Introduction to the Beautiful Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign commonwealth state located in the Eastern Caribbean. It’s a wonderful country combining the islands of Antigua and Barbuda with the total area of 440.3 sq km. Its capital is St. John’s and English is the official language being spoken in this Caribbean nation. As far as the government structure is concerned, Antigua and Barbuda is a Constitutional Monarchy that follows Parliamentary system (based on British Parliament System).

Why you must Choose Antigua and Barbuda to get settled?

It’s one of the most beautiful places on planet with mesmerizing beaches. It can be easily called the country of beeches with its 365 incredible beaches that attract several tourists here every year. Apart from this, tranquil environment, lush green tropical islands, blue crystal clean water, low population, it all provides exceptional settings to live here peacefully.

What are the benefits of getting Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda?

  1. Reasonable investment amount and processing fee

  2. You can enjoy the visa-free travel to 131 countries on Antigua and Barbuda passport, i.e. UK,

    Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, and European Union, etc.

  3. Fast immigration process (i.e. within 3 to 6 months)

  4. No Educational Qualification, Management experience, etc. required

  5. Can include family members in the program with no additional investment requirement (only processing fee will be applicable)

  6. The child dependents up to 26 years and parents and grandparents above 65 years can be considered for the program. 

Key Requirements of the Citizenship by Immigration Program

Well, as it’s the investment program, hence to get the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, you need to fulfill the investment requirements. However, below are the general requirements for getting the citizenship of this outstanding Caribbean country. To get the citizenship you must:

  1. Be in good health
  2. Be of excellent character;
  3. Not have any criminal record;
  4. Have a high personal net worth;
  5. Be stay in the country for at least 35 days within 5 year’s period

Citizenship by Investment Categories

The citizenship by investment program is aimed to enhance the socio-economic growth and development of the country. It has target to invite and attract the FDI (foreign direct investment) in the country and subsequently boost the infrastructure and economy of the country. Below are the three main categories of Citizenship by Investment Program.

You can choose any of the below options to become eligible for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

Investment in NDF (National Development Fund)

It’s basically a charitable investment, wherein, you can make contribution of minimum US$200,000 in the National Development Fund (NDF). It will be a non-refundable amount.

Real Estate Investment

You would require making an investment of minimum US$400,000 in any of the permitted real estate projects and it is required to be apprehended for at least of 5 years. The two applicants can mutually apply for the citizenship by investment program; however, each applicant would require making a separate investment of at least US$400,000.

Invest in Business

Under this category of investment, you can invest at least US$1,500,000 into an adequate business as only investor. A joint investment can also be made including minimum 2 individuals, in an approved business with a total investment amount of at least US$5,000,000, wherein each person separately need investing minimum US$400,000.

The visa and processing fee is not included in the above investment amount, which will chargeable to the applicant as well as to all the dependents.

How to Apply for Citizenship by Immigration Program (CIP)?

Well, if you wish to apply for the citizenship of beautiful Antigua and Barbuda via Citizenship by Immigration Program you would require contacting the local authorized representative of CIP. The representative will guide you through the whole program, make brief you about the application procedure and subsequently will support you in gathering documents and getting your application ready for the program.

Where to start?

We at Delhi Immigration are the authorized representatives of the CIP. To start the procedure for the Citizenship by Immigration Program, all you need to do is call the CIP expert at, 90233-40077. Alternatively, you can drop a mail to us at

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