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Emergence of New political Party in Canada! Find out its take on Immigration

As the general Elections in Canada are round the corner, emergence of new political party will surely make it an interesting battle in October 2019. People’s Party of Canada (PPC) has been founded by Maxime Bernier just a few weeks back on September 14, 2018. While the buzz is on about the stance, leadership, and policies of the newly founded party, the immigration aspirants are more interested in knowing what this news has for them. The party is looking to have 338 candidates at the general election next year. Let’s first find more about the arrival of this new party in Canada.

People’s Party of Canada- all set for its first appearance in the General Elections

People’s Party of Canada is roaring to challenge the old masters of the game in the upcoming national elections of Canada on October 21, 2018. The new party has been formed by Maxime Bernier- who left the conservative party few weeks before formally announcing PPC. Bernier was the Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism under the Harper Government in 2011.

He left the Conservative party on August 23, 2018, to be as an independent MP, later, he announced the launch of a new party, i.e. People’s Party of Canada. PCC is said to be headquartered in Gatineau, Que. As of now, PPC has raised the fund of $140,000, and they are in process of getting official registration with Elections Canada.

Here is the vision and mission of the party described at the launching event. The People’s Party will:

  • respect the taxpayers;
  • respect our Constitution;
  • equally respect all regions, provinces and territories;
  • and respect our traditions, our history, and what makes Canada a unique place in the world, without trying to forcibly change it like the current Liberal government is doing.

What is PPC’s take on Immigration?

In his speech on the occasion of launch of PPC, Bernier said, “Canada has always been a country largely open to immigration, because of its vastness and its relative youth. I believe that by and large, our immigration policy has been very successful.

He further added, “However, Immigration should answer the needs of sectors where there is a scarcity of manpower with specialized skills; and in more general terms contribute to increasing the number of younger workers in a society that is fast aging. It shouldn’t be used as a social engineering program for ideological purposes. “In general, Maxime Bernier is known for speaking his mind.

Immigration Policy to Emphasize on Economic Immigration

The immigration policy of PPC is likely to emphasize on Economic immigration to Canada instead of huge refugee influx. As per their policy mentioned at various platforms, the party

  • Believes that the immigration should benefit the economy of the country by all means.
  • Will focus on skilled immigration more in comparison to family reunification or immigration on humanitarian grounds.
  • Considers that annual immigration level should be around 250,000 to strike the right immigration balance in the country.

It will be interesting to see how the People’s party of Canada progress from here in terms of generating funds, registering with elections Canada and forming a public reputation to earn formidable vote share. However, one thing goes without saying that it will be a party to look for in the upcoming elections.

Moving to Canada in 2019?

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