Education is one of the major aspect in Belarus. The education system in Belarus is highly advanced. The literacy among the adult population is just 99.8 percent. The professional education coverage of the working population is ninety-eight percent.

The literacy among the adult population and young people and number of students is high. Belarus has been up to the standard of several developed nations of Europe. Education in Belarus is absolutely free for all the citizens of Belarus. Belarus is a good educated nation. There are many colleges and universities in Belarus for post secondary education.

  1. In Belarus, there are many medical schools that have got world class facilities for medical practices.
  2. There are also technological and technical universities in Belarus. This makes it highly attractive to the world.
  3. The higher education schools in Belarus are reasonable.
  4. Belarus has a highly reputed education system that includes various universities and education institutions that attract many people from around the world.
  5. The education system in Belarus is world renowned and you may contact us to know more about the education system in Belarus.

Students in Belarus have an option to choose higher education in a vocational school.

Study in Belarus

  1. Belarus is the leading education destination in medicine.
  2. There are several medical courses in Belarus and universities that provide them.
  3. The MBBS courses in Belarus are taught in English medium of instructions for the ones who are adept in the English language. The option to study in Belarus is exciting and you can make a career after studying in Belarus.
  4. The students are provided admission in the university level to study medicine. The students have an option to study in Belarus in English and further widen their horizons.

The faculty of MBBS in the University at Belarus is in two languages – English and Russian. The students have got an option to opt for their own medium of instructions. You may contact us to know about the options to study in Belarus.

Cost of living in Belarus

  1. The cost of living in Belarus is the most affordable option.
  2. Belarus is the most affordable alternative for tourists.
  3. The price of gasoline in Belarus is lower than the average world price of gasoline.
  4. The cost of living in Belarus is low in comparison to other European nations.
  5. The price of utilities in Belarus such as electricity, water and heating ranges from thirty-four dollars to fifty-five dollars.
  6. The price of gasoline is from .85 dollars to one dollar per liter.
  7. Taxi rides in Belarus are also affordable.

The cost of living in Belarus minsk is quite affordable to the foreign students. You may contact us to know more about the living costs in Belarus.

Work and study in Belarus

  1. The salary of the workers is determined by the wage grid system.
  2. There are three main economic sectors where the people from Belarus work and these are the industry, services sector and agriculture.
  3. There are employment opportunities for the foreign nations in Belarus.
  4. There are some companies in Belarus that have a great demand for the top notch expat managers from other nations. This is because of a shortage of highly qualified administrative employees in Belarus.
  5. The working hours in Belarus are from 8 hours a day to 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday.

The employees in Belarus work on a fixed term contract. To work and study in Belarus is full of challenges and is an exciting prospect. You may contact us to know more regarding the work and study in Belarus prospects.

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