This particular visa has been designed for the people who have got an extraordinary talent. The individuals who have got international fame and popularity due to their outstanding success and accomplishments in the field of

  1. Sports
  2. Arts
  3. Academic and Research or
  4. Individual Profession

You must be outside Australia when this visa is granted to you.

Requisites of the Visa:-

  1. You have exceptional talents and are internationally recognized for your outstanding achievements in profession, sport, arts, academia and research.
  2. You are considered as an asset to Australia and are still engaged in the talent.
  3. You are nominated by an eligible person or organisation.
  4. You must be outside Australia.
  5. Hold good health and moral conduct.
  6. You must have functional English skills.
  7. Do not have any outstanding debts to Australian government and should have arranged for the same if any

Privileges of the Visa:-

  1. Provides you right to live in Australia indefinitely.
  2. Applicant can work in Australia during your stay.
  3. Applicant can enrol in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses.
  4. Allows you to apply citizenship if you meet certain requirements.
  5. Allows you to move to and fro for five years starting from the day visa is granted.
  6. You can sponsor your relatives for permanent residency.

How much the visa costs:-

  1. Distinguished Talent (Subclass 124) visa-2410$(Base Application Charge)
  2. Additional Applicant Charge 18 and over-1205$
  3. Additional Applicant Charge 18 and under-605$

Additional charges:-

  1. Medical Examination:-To be paid directly to the doctor conducting medical examination
  2. Police check:-To the corresponding authorities in the respective countries where you have lived for more than 6/12 months depending on the visa subclass
  3. Certification/Translation of Docs-Depending on the certifying person and number of copies to be certified.

If you seek documentation assistance for Australia PR Visa, you may contact Delhi Immigration expert on 90233-40077.  Alternatively, e-mail your queries to

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