Belarus is a reasonable destination for the students. The tuition fees differ in Belarus depending on the chosen programme and also the study level.

  1. Tuition fees is affordable in Belarus.
  2. The fees for the first phase of higher education differs by the course selected and also the duration of the course.
  3. The fees for the second phase of higher education differs by the curricula and specialization.
  4. The cost of living in Belarus is low in comparison to the other European nations. The living costs differ by lifestyle.
  5. The higher education institutions in Belarus give accommodation to the students on campus. The off campus accommodation is also there for the students in Belarus.
  6. The cost of the dorm rooms also differs and depends on the people sharing it and also the type of the dormitory. You may pay fifteen to fifty dollars per month.

Students may rent an apartment in Belarus and the cost differs by location and the facilities provided. You may enquire from us about the cost of living in Belarus as a student.

Study in Belarus

  1. Belarus has the medium of instruction in English.
  2. It has got globally recognized courses.
  3. There is ample guidance for medical licensing exams like MCI test, ERPM and USMLE.
  4. There is no IELTS or TOEFL needed for admission.
  5. To study in Belarus, there is no requirement to exhibit old funds for visa.
  6. There has to be complete visa preparation help.
  7. There is immense learning experience through professors from Canada, USA and UK.
  8. There are nice opportunities of being a permanent residence and settlement in Europe when you complete the study program.
  9. Belarus has the best transportation system in Europe.

When you come to visit and study in Belarus, you are nicely welcomed and treated in a good way.

Education system in Belarus

The Education Ministry does the management of the higher education system in Belarus.

The higher education system in Belarus is provided by public and private educational institutions, academies and colleges.

The various state owned higher education institutions have got thirty universities, seven academies and four colleges.

The higher educational institutions provide education in fifteen study areas or educational profiles that include 367 specialties.

Higher education in Belarus is provided in the fields of environmental sciences, humanities, art and design, natural sciences, security services, health care, economics and industrial engineering, vocational education.

The first phase enables the students to get a specialist diploma in a specific area of expertise.

There is higher education for future artists, pilots and nuclear physicists.

The phase of tertiary education is to research or professional oriented master studies. It provides ample skills and knowledge in research and scientific studies.

The specialist diploma is a professional qualification provided after finishing of one year of study. The students who have the bachelor’s degree are eligible for the specialist diploma programme. To know more about the education system in Belarus you may contact us.

Work and study in Belarus

  1. Part time jobs are the financial assistance that the students may get in Belarus.
  2. The students can work on a part time basis or for some hours in Belarus.
  3. The working hours are less than thirty to thirty-five hours per week.
  4. The students may get a great deal of time to focus on their studies also.
  5. Every region has varied types and opportunities for part time jobs that are accessible to the students.
  6. The students have to research and find the best jobs that are suitable for their requirements and timings.
  7. The students may work on a part time basis so as to support their education and financial requirements.
  8. Working would give the students financial support and provide them full exposure and a complete experience of the practical world.
  9. There are several universities and colleges that give internships to the students as a component of their program.

The students may earn through internships and pursue their studies with utmost ease. To work and study in Belarus is the best option for the students and you may contact us to know more about it.

Can I work and study in Belarus? Well, yes, you can find part-time employment opportunities for work in the college premise itself in Belarus. There are several options of working in the library, cafeteria and the administrative departments.

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