What to do if Canada Study Permit gets refused.

What to do if Canada Study Permit is refused

First of all, please do not panic because it is not the end of the life and trust us, there is a way out.

Here are the steps for re-applying:

  • Read your refusal letter rigorously and try to understand the grounds of the refusal.
  • Link back to your documentation and try to find rational lacks in your documentation.
  • If it seems confusing, do not worry. Please get in touch with our experts at +91 90233 40077 for detailed guidance for next action plan.
  • Ideally, we will apply for CAIPS/GCMS notes in order to get to the bottom of the grounds of refusal, which will take 30 days to arrive.
  • After meticulous review of notes of the visa officer, we will further conduct a detailed investigation to find out problems in your previous application.
  • After unraveling all the problems in the previous application, we will further help you to rightly address all the concerns before re-applying again.
  • We will submit your visa application with the comprehensive documentation this time addressing all the concerns raised by the visa officer in the previous application.

What are the CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

The CAIPS/GCMS notes are the remarks of the visa officer which depicts the understanding of the visa officer. Since the visa officers are obligated to submit the analysis remarks into the system while taking the decision, the applicant can always access these remarks to comprehend the ground of refusal. Check this detailed video on GCMS notes:

How Delhi Immigration Services can help you.

Our qualified experts can definitely assist with appropriate guidance and procedures. You might get in touch with our experts at Toll free +91 90233 40077 or email your queries to info@delhiimmigrationservices.com

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