How to Order GCMS/CAIPS notes for Visa Application?

GCMS Notes

The GCMS/CAIPS notes are the extract of the visa officer’s comments which an officer submits into the Global Case Management System while taking the decision a visa application. The visa officer deems multiple factors to assess the eligibility of the applicant before taking the decision. These notes can helpful in providing detailed insight into the understanding of the visa officer and ostensibly, the reasons for the refusal.

Who can order GCMS/CAIPS notes?

Anyone who is currently present in Canada can order the GCMS notes however if the applicant is outside Canada at this moment and a representative would be required to be hired who will represent the applicant before IRCC to extract the electronic notes.

I do not have any representative in Canada but I would like to order the GCMS/CAIPS notes from outside Canada

To hire a representative, you can email at and this team will provide you the representative for GCMS notes and will also order the notes on your behalf. 

How much time the notes will take to arrive?

It usually takes 30-35 days to get the GCMS notes directly delivered to your inbox.

I need more details on ordering the GCMS/CAIPS notes.

You might get in touch with our qualified expert at Toll Free number: +91 90233 40077 or send your query via email at


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