Is your LMIA Genuine or Trap?

IRCC and ESDC are the responsible bodies which determine whether a job offered by an organization from Canada to a foreign individual is genuine or not. ESDC confirms this by the following steps:

  • Whether the offer of the job by the employer is genuine or not.
  • The working conditions and the wages of the employee are enough to retain and attract Canadians.
  • The job employment is not seasonal and needs to be a full-time job.

Factors to verify the Genuineness of job offer:

  • Is the job offer is made by an employer who is engaged in the same business 
  • be consistent with the reasonable employment needs of the employer
  • Is an applicant having reasonable certification to fulfill the employment
  • The past compliance of the employer or any person who recruited the foreign national for the employer, with the federal or provincial that regulate the employment in the province where the foreign national will be working. 

LMIA fee and other employer requirement

  • For applying each LMIA application required to deposit CDN $ 1000. The privileged fee is also needed as CDN $ 100. 
  • The Canadian employer must make advertisement effort (Canada Job Bank) for atleast 4 week prior to submitting an LMIA application. Employers must have to demonstrate the recruitment on atleast two different recruiting platform other than Canada Job Bank to target potential hire. However, The ESDC verify and need evidence regarding the same.
  • Basically English and  French are the listed language for the purpose of LMIA application . 

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How to Convert LMIA based visa into Permanent Residency

After spending sufficient in Canada on LMIA based visa, you can convert it into the permanent residency with certain conditions. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is the pathway to get the same converted in to PR. It’s the part of federal economic immigration program of IRCC (Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

The CEC has been designed for the Individuals, who have already got Canadian working experience. Here are the key requirements of CEC.

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