Why choose Japan for study? 

Study in Japan

Japan is at the top place in the ranking of countries with the most advanced technology in the world. Canada is at 8th place.

The points considered by the Indians: 

  • Education Quality

The country is well-known for its scientific development in all the field along with the world’s famous companies. This reputation itself says the quality education of the country. No country can develop the way Japan has done if its education is not of high standard.

  • Post Study settlement option

The most popular course for Indian to study in Japan is a language course. If a 12th out enroll in Language course then after the course he/she must get enrolled in a UG course. But if an undergraduate enrolls then he/she can go on work permit by obtaining a suitable job. In nutshell, for skilled workers Japan offers many jobs due to a rapidly aging population and dwindling youth, Japan is looking to countries like Vietnam and Indians for trained manpower support.

  • Part Time Job opportunity and earning potential   in same

Getting a part-time job is not an issue in Japan but only the hurdle is the language. Hence once you understand a minimum level of Japanese if not very fluent, getting the job is easy and payouts are the best around the world.

  • Need to pay for study

It is a human tendency to take a calculated risk before doing anything. Students also calculate their risk when they analyze the countries. In this way, those countries which have the option of paying full fee or major fee the visa have an added advantage.  In Japan, first, on behalf of the candidate applies in Immigration and it performs its part. Once immigration approves and the candidate gets COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) which is approval of visa then only a candidate need to pay the fee.

  • English Requirement

Many candidates though interested in studying abroad but not either not interested in writing exam like IELTS or do not have the time to do so due to their professional obligation. For such candidates, Japan is a delight as it can be waved off.

  • Fund to be shown and fund type to be shown

The fund is a major bottleneck in getting a visa. Countries like Australia requires a huge amount to be shown and countries like NZ require this month to be 6 months old. Practically, very few Indian parents would keep 15 lac rupees lying in their account for 6 months just to make it old. Japan provides an easy life as new funds are accepted.


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