Why Study in Latvia?


Located in North Eastern Europe, Latvia has always been a multi-ethnic country, rich in different cultural and education. The higher education institutions in Latvia are members of international cooperation within many different fields of study.

Let’s explore the challenges and benefits of studying in Latvia.

  • Latvia and Riga are startlingly beautiful where you can find nature, traditions, and food in a unique style. Riga dwells approximately 500 foreign students, therefore, multicultural activities are very common and so making friends is very easy.
  • Latvia has preferred as a study abroad destination for its low tuition fees. Additionally, a wide range of programs exceptional faculty, and affordable living costs.
  • The number of foreign students in Latvia is comparatively smaller than other European countries with no essential collision in specific fields. Moreover, if in future it is expected that if the flow of foreign students increases in the education system then proportionally the quality of studies will also increase.
  • Foreign students can study in full-time study programs.
  • After the studies at the professional study in programs like medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, the graduate can continue with studies in Doctor Programs.
  • The universities in Latvia have compulsory internship programs. This gives foreign students the opportunity to contact employers and they can apply for jobs. This in turns helps the student to convert their student visa to work visa.
  • After receiving a temporary residence permit, a foreign student has a right to employment. The student’s residence permit during the term of validity of a residence allows working with any employer for up to 20 hours per week.


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