How to choose the right visa program for Canada or Australia?

How to choose the right Visa Program for Canada or Australia

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The biggest challenge for every immigrant while choosing the applicable immigration program to Canada or Australia. Even they also unable to decide which program is best based on the profile. Which eventually leads to an endless wait for the invitation to apply. At times, they even get the rejection.

There are a few selection factors to select the talented workers from overseas for both countries. This opens the pathways for those immigrants to Permanent Residency.

Both Canada And Australia has designed the point-based system and Some of the common key selection are mentioned below :

 –  Age of an applicant:

Both countries allocate the good points to between the age of 18 to 35.

 –  Education: 

Based on education immigrant get valuable immigration point in both Canada and Australia.

 –  Work Experience: 

Canada and Australia: both offer the Skilled Visa Program. The candidate needs to demonstrate the relevant work experience which can add the extra points. 

 –  Language Proficiency: 

English is the official language for both countries. The immigrant must have a certified language certificate e.g. IELTS. In fact, Canada also accepts the French language which helps the candidate to earn extra points. 

Employment offer, adaptability and Provincial Nomination are also some of the selection factors.

The Canada Express Entry System qualified scores are 67 out of 100. On the Other hand, In Australia, they will need a minimum 65 out of 100.

How to choose the right program?

 Here are some valuable points which help an applicant to decide the right program to move to Canada or Australia: 

  • The immigrant should list down the scoring points in your profile
  • If you do not have a job offer then go for a visa program that provides relaxation
  • If the applicant has a sibling in Canada or Australia that will add the extra point for the same
  • The candidate who holds the fine experience and skill in demand should go for the Skilled Visa Programs
  • It is preferable to seek suggestions from highly professional and experienced Immigration Consultancy as they can asses your file better


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