PNPs and Express Entry to impel Canadian immigration

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and the federal Express Entry program are pushing forward Candian Immigration. These two programs projection to reach on 160,100 fresh PR holders by 2021. 

The Express Entry tame the high skilled Economic Immigration Programs of Canada. PNPs manages the highly skilled immigration programs of the states. Both are set to play openly and salient roles in the master plan of the Canadian Immigration for the next 3 years.

The half of the immigrant choosing these leading pathways to obtain Canada PR. These Programs will estimate to soar exponentially over the next 3 years. Their Immigration level intakes have declared last week. The increase of 23% over their total targets of 2018 with 129, 900 has been announced, as quoted by the CIC News. 

The express entry program manages the following three programs:-

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) along with the express entry will account 44% of 1.3 million fresh immigrants. These are the scheduled to arrive in Canada in period 2018 to 2021.

So here is the total figure of the immigrant for both Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) for 2018 to 2021:

Canada Express Entry


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