Confused About Right Pathway To Apply for PR Visa In Canada?

Confused About Right Immigration


Choosing the right program is extremely salient while applying for the visa to a foreign country. Canada has a designed myriad immigration program for multiple immigrants.

An immigrant may remain in the loop if choose an irrelevant program to apply.

Why the right immigration program is so significant?

Selection of an appropriate program is highly recommended for various reasons. Here are two key reasons mentioned below:

There is a different pathway or visa for different immigrants. The Federal and most popular Express Entry of Canada has 3 categories, i.e:

Skilled immigration Catagories

This program is divided into 3 categories, i.e.

There are three main categories under the Expres Entry System:

Subsequently,  it is extremely indispensable to comprehend in which class your profile fall. A layman, who has no knowledge about immigration frequently get confused seeing so much categorization.

Selection of Immigration Programs

Even if you have chosen the right category, the next challenge is which program you’re eligible and which have the best chance to get the ITA. The Express Entry is the Fastest Process to get PR, however, not all applicant has high CRS score as required for this program. Hence, immigrant need mentor, who steer you accordingly for the most appropriate program, i.e. PNP, QSWP, etc. 


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