Canadian Government to Raise Annual Immigration Level to 350,000 Immigrants by 2021

Canada Express Entry

The Candian government is planning to increase the annual target to 350,000 by 2021. It has explicitly cleared by the immigrant minister Ahmed Hussen during the question-answer session of Parliament. If it happens the government will be approving 40,000 more application than 2018.

Gigantic arise in Annual Immigration target by 2021

The regime is going to add more values in immigration target gradually year on year from what it is this year, i.e. 310,000.  Moreover, the huge immigrant influx in 2021 as part of updated Multiyear Immigration plan of Canada.

The massive amount of people will invite under the economic immigrant program of Canada. The economic immigrant programs such as Express Entry System has designed by the government to meet the skill shortage across the various provinces.

As per the minister, the maple leaf of a country has a shortage of skilled workers. While answering said, ” there is a huge hunger for skilled workers. Firstly, it is making us more competitive in the global market and enable us to continue to represent Canada as a welcoming country. Further, it positions us to continue to be a leader in skills attraction.

Immigration Increase welcomed by the experts

The increase that the government is planning in the next few years is significant, however, a group of immigrant wants the economic programs larger than it is now. In fact, the advisory council emphasizing upon raising immigration rate to 450,000, in its report submitted in the year 2016.

Subsequently, the government is gradually processing to obtain the target, while making sure that the immigrant will get a settlement service without any fuss. As per Mr. Hussen, we cannot just go to 450,000 mark at once, as it will exert pressure on resources as well as on the government to raise the funding for settlement services drastically. 

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