Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement  Why The Job Seeker Visa?

One of the wealthiest and largest countries in the European Union (EU), the massive amount of jobs and the thriving economy are what makes working in Germany so appealing.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. Germany mostly takes the highly qualified and experienced workers on board, specifically in Engineering, manufacturing and the IT’s experts.

Why the Job Seeker Visa? 

There is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors and professions in Germany. More especially, qualified technical workers, such as engineers and IT specialists, as well as health specialists, are in short supply.

Germany gives the opportunity to fish out the placement in the country for six months.

The country with unemployment rate solely 7%, is offering a wide range of jobs and carrier development.

Germany – A wonderful Destination for Immigrants:

Vibrant large cities, fairy-tale castles, and villages, breath-taking nature from the North Sea to the Alps: Germany is a country with a thousand faces! Its educational system is free and highly competitive

Highly skilled workers (particularly the STEM graduates) are in great demand in Germany because of the demographic shift. In Germany, you have the opportunity to discover new professional perspectives and to develop yourself freely in your professional and private life.

How do you benefit from it? 

There is a huge list of benefits of going Germany on Job Seeker Visa.  Firstly, it takes less than 6 months to get stamped the visa. Once get placed, one can apply for Blue Card, from the within the country.

Further, if immigrant complete 5 years on an employment resident then can apply for the Permanent Residency.

On an employment resident permit, on completion of 5 years, you can apply for permanent residency.

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