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Work Opportunities in Malta

Malta is one of the highly rated countries due to it’s peaceful environment and European culture. People mostly are friendly and cordial when it comes to welcoming the new immigrants.

International students are allowed to work in Malta for 20 hours per week as per European Law in any industry wherever they are likely to find work.

International students mostly prefer Restaurants, Retail shops, Agriculture farms, Carpenter jobs, Services sector. If they are good at English/local language, they might also try their luck in tourism and other skilled part time jobs.

The best thing about Malta is the educational standards. Most of the universities are internationally recognized in Malta and students barely find challenges if they decide to move to some other European country.

International Students can easily find employment post doing some local market research about the possible likely options. Even in most of the cases, they can apply online for part-time jobs here which can possibly surge the chances dramatically of landing a job.


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