Singapore is one of the fast paced countries in the world. The economy of Singapore is booming and having no signs of slowing down for a long whatsoever. As a country, It offers a great deals of luxurious options to the foreigners such as students, foreign workers etc. People with all kinds of nationalities come here majorly from Chinese continent. The country can offer a huge amount of benefits to International Students when it comes to studying one year and two year programs. The country is renowned as a tourist destination and offers a wide range of options to spend a quality time bundled with extremely favorable work opportunities here. 

International Students in Singapore and Canada

  1. Singapore as an emerging economy offers jobs to all kinds of graduates in the country. The people work round the clock even you can find so many restaurants operating 24/7, In contrast, Canada as a country offers a world class level of education standards but undoubted, it has changed dramatically. Moreover the jobs market in Canada is very congested. The well settled professionals in the home country always afraid of leaving a well paid job in their home country and to play on the strength to find a job in Canada.
  2. The weather plays a challenging role in the context of living in Canada otherwise; a whooping proportion of foreign workers would not have turned down and moved to other countries like Australia or Singapore. Unquestionably, the weather in Singapore is far more lively and pleasant. Who wants to suffer with a deadly cold weather? The Singapore as country turns down all the challenges.
  3. As an International student, you may study in Singapore for almost nothing. The tuition fee in Singapore starts for 3 lacs INR and Colleges/Universities offer guaranteed  On the Job training for 6 months where a student can earn upto $1400 SGD (70,000 INR) in one month and practically, will earn back the same amount invested in the program in first place.
  4. The Visa Success Rate in Singapore is almost near to 100% wherein ICA (Immigration Checkpoints Authority) only takes 15-20 days to issue the visa. The best thing is that the students are required to pay the tuition fee only after getting the Visa. In contrast, the students in Canada suffer setbacks in terms of refusals as at times it becomes really tough to get through the visa process.

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