How to Study in Singapore without IELTS for FREE?

How to Study in Singapore for FREE


Singapore is a prime destination to study and it also offers the wide range of programs at an affordable budget. You can technically study in Singapore for almost completely FREE. The programs can start from 3 lacs and by the end of the program; you will earn the same amount of money that you invested on the program in the first place.

  1. Because Singapore is a First World Country, it means it opens up a lot of doors to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand.
  2. It is practically the safest country in the whole of Asia
  3. It is a very clean, disciplined and safe country
  4. You can get a career in Singapore and earn Singapore Dollars
  5. It is a country VERY accepting of multiple cultures, religions and nationalities
  6. Education in Singapore is based on UK standards, yet still not as expensive as USA, UK, Canada or Australia
  7. Singapore Graduates will have priority in finding employment in any first world country even in the Middle East, ask yourself: if you were an HR manager, would you hire a graduate from a developed country or a developing country?
  8. Opportunities for Singapore graduates are more than others 


  1. Prospective students who really want overseas education
  2. Students who are looking for an advantage in career
  3. Fresh graduates looking for an advantage over all the millions and millions of graduates out there looking for work
  4. Professionals looking to upgrade themselves
  5. People who are looking for opportunities in Singapore
  6. People looking for work in Singapore but are not experienced enough or lack the educational documentation 


  1. While it is true that UK, Canada, USA, Australia do have very attractive Study Visa packages including part time work opportunities. BUT, Singapore is not nearly as expensive as those countries. Singapore is also more open to multi cultural foreigners compared to these countries so finding opportunities will be easier.
  2. Study in Singapore for 9 month diploma for around 6000SGD and get 6 months On The Job Training (OJT) and earn around 1000-1400 SGD a month salary, so if you earn even just 1000SGD a month for 6 months, you practically earn back same amount you spent for the course, basically you studied in Singapore for almost nothing
  3. You will have 3 -4 hours a day classes for 5 days a week (tentatively) so you will have the rest of the day to find other opportunities (MOM does not allow any student pass holder from seeking employment)
  4. There is a higher chance of getting Work Passes like Spass and Epass once the advanced diploma level is completed.


  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate or Affidavit of live birth
  3. All School Documents (transcripts and mark sheets with graduation certificates, diplomas or degrees)
  4. All employment certificates (and an updated resume) if applicable
  5. Photo with white background
  6. Parents details (full name, birth dates, and occupations)
  7. Bank statements if available
  8. Application fees of $107
  9. Additional documents if available (IELTS, CERTIFICATES, etc)
  10. Signature Specimen

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