Why am I not able to score 8777 in IELTS General?

If you are reading this post after multiple attempts to score 8777 in IELTS General test, you are unquestionably at the right place. If you are not sure how to achieve 8777 falling behind by 1 or 0.5 band and relying on practicing more and more. You might not be investing your time in the right area. Since you are will to improve your band scores. You might have a look at this document here.

Why am I not able to score 8777 in IELTS General?

How it can help you?

  1. Develop Profound Understanding – You will be having extensive awareness about the list of factors plays a key role in IELTS Speaking Band scores.
  2. Know what is expected – This will teach you profoundly that what an examiner will be expect you to speak about encompassing wide range of vocabulary and grammar and much more.
  3. Stay Smart – After reading this, you will be much wiser and will then be able to modify your already developed intellect t about Speaking test and become smarter in all the ways to score an unexpected band score.
  4. Help Yourself – You can now help yourself is a way by investing your time keeping these strategies and standards in your mind so that you can prepare amazingly well especially enjoying an extra edge over the others.
  5. Practice – Now, you may practice accordingly to ensure that you are getting at least 7-9 speaking band score in IELTS

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