How to Improve the CRS Points

Express Entry is the game of points. The higher the points you have, the hell of a chance you will have to get through this process as soon as possible. Mostly the applicants struggle with express entry due to low CRS points although some could still be extremely fortunate as based on the work profiles which is oddly in demand in some of the provinces in Canada. If you are struggling with low CRS points, you can work upon below mentioned points to boost your CRS score.


  1. French Language – Generally, the applicants mention the in the application that their primary language is English and rightfully, they get the points for the same. However, if you also know french, you can use it as a second language to gain extra CRS points. It may also be done vice-versa as if your first language is french, you might use English as a second language and claim more points.
  2. Improved IELTS Score – Mostly, the applicants get stuck at CLB 9 and with this IELTS score their total CRS points hover around 430 only due to age or bachelors, If they can achieve CLB 10 their total CRS points will jump up dramatically. 
  3. Siblings in Canada – If you have siblings or first cousins in Canada, you are still lucky to gain extra points. Which will unquestionably boost the total CRS points considerably. They mst be permanent residents and have been living over there from last one year or more.
  4. Spouse Credentials – If your spouse write IELTS exam and score CLB 7 or more in IELTS and is having Master’s degree, it may add an extra advantage to your total CRS points. If the spouse is having past studies or past work experience in Canada, you will again get extra more points.
  5. Provincial Nomination – If your occupation is in demand in any province across the Canada,. please go ahead and apply there for provincial program. That can help you to get extra 600 points and more importantly can prove a definite ticket to Canada.

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