Where Can I study without IELTS?

Where can I study without IELTS?

There are so many options available to study abroad without IELTS. IELTS test is mandatory for only few countries such as Australia, Canada, US, New Zealand etc. But there are still so many countries where you can study as an International Student without writing the IELTS exam and receive a highly advanced level of education . The list starts as follows:

  1. Singapore – Singapore is a world’s prominent tourism destination and infra structurally highly sophisticated country which even sometimes marks its importance more impressively than other a few developed country. Singapore is a spectacular studying destination without IELTS. There are so many colleges such as BMC International, Nanyang Institute of Management etc offers highly advanced programs for students and make them ready to enter into highly competitive market. The most common programs are:
    1. Diploma in Hospitality and Management
    2. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management
    3. Business Administration
    4. Bachelors of Engineering
    5. Accounting 
    6. Psychology 
    7. Masters in Business Administration
    8. Early Childhood Diploma
    9. Short Term Language Programs
  2. Cyprus – Cyprus is the one of the biggest Island between Europe and Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. It is an environmentally exceptional country to be in as it offers mind-boggling views and relaxing beaches allow the visitors especially to have spend quality time. Along with these benefits, this country also offers highly advanced level of education. International students in Cyprus contributes considerably to the economy. Students are allowed to work part time and living costs in Cyprus are surprisingly low. It is quite inexpensive to rent and apartment and buy variety of foods. There are highly reputed universities and colleges in Cyprus which offers the below mentioned programs:
    1.  Business Programs
    2. HR Management programs
    3. Marketing 
    4. Computer Science
    5. Hotel Management
    6. Cookery
    7. Travel and Tourism Management
    8. Computer Related Programs

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