Can I apply with Overall 6.o with not less than 5.5 for Canada Student Visa in 2019

Can I apply for Canada Student Visa with overall IELTS 6.0 band not less than 5.5 in 2019

Although there have been a huge number of international students studying in Canada at this moment, Canada is still massively wide in terms of the area square. Canadian Government has no plans to slow down the immigration process and the international students have proved to be a cream for this country so there will be no ways to see a dip in migration progress.  At the same time, the Canadian Government is also planning to have more better control over the process. It is reportedly being said that there would be a slender chance wherein the Canada government may roll out the stringent policy with respect to the minimum requirements for International Students.

There is a emerging speculation that the IELTS Academic requirements for international students will be more tougher than ever before. Only the students with 6.0 each or more will be considered and issued Study Permit from May-2019 onwards. 

This unsubstantiated claims are sounding more credible as the most of the colleges have already raised the minimum requirements to 6.0 each or more in Canada. On the flip side, the students will most likely be able to apply under SDS system which is a faster version rolled out by Canada government early this year to get the visa issued only in 45 days. 

Students preparing for May-2019 intake should pull their socks to score 6.0 each or more in IELTS Academic. Additionally, the students with higher individual scores in their 12th grade subjects are more will have a better chance to get admissions in the tops rated universities in Canada mainly in British Columbia. 

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