Do you want to study in Cyprus? A Land of Glorious Opportunities

Cyprus is a great island of legends. It is a modern nation that has got European culture. Cyprus is a land of wonderful beaches and awesome mountain peaks. It is a carefree place which is magnified by the people’s generosity and kindness.

Study in Cyprus

  1. The international dimension of education is pivotal in Cyprus and the international students can get high quality education in a safe and a secure environment at a nominal expense.
  2. Extensive networks and lifelong friendships are there between the overseas students and the Cypriots that increase the cultural and trade relationships between the nations.
  3. Cypriots provide great education standards and skills to work in a worldwide marketplace.
  4. The number of students from all over the world is increasing fast in Cyprus in the last ten years.

The education standards in Cyprus are second to none. To study in Cyprus is a nice aspect to do and one can learn and imbibe a lot of things in Cyprus.

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Why Study in Cyprus?

  1. Various universities in Cyprus are providing several courses at nominal fees.
  2. In Cyprus, students get ample amount of chance to study their courses. There is no restriction for studying for the foreign students.
  3. English is the major language for instruction in Cyprus. Several of the programs are provided in English particularly at the masters and bachelor’s degree level.
  4. Students will get a world class degree that is recognized all over the world.
  5. Students will have nominal living costs and low expense on-campus and off-campus rooms.
  6. There are several financial aid programs available in Cyprus at universities or colleges and these give financial help to the students who require aid so as to start or finish their studies in Cyprus.
  7. Part time work is allowed to the students who possess a work permit. The students will have the chance to work during the semester up to twenty hours per week.
  8. The students during break time may avail thirty-eight hours per week.
  9. There are over 40,000 students who study in North Cyprus.
  10. You may get permanent access to the Turkish and European shores.

Cyprus is the ideal and choicest destination for all the different nationalities. It has a highly streamlined and nice framework of education. Cyprus is suited for students who want to pursue higher studies.

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Education system in Cyprus

  1. The major education program prepares the experts for a Bachelor’s degree that has stipulated courses like natural science, mathematics, humanities, and special professional disciplines.
  2. The Master’s qualification is provided to the individuals who have the Specialist Diploma degree or the Bachelor’s degree on the result of a one-year professional education program.
  3. Graduates who finish the Master’s program are prepared and have got ample skills, awareness and competence for scientific research and management.
  4. A PhD student is an individual who holds a higher education qualification that is a Master’s or Diploma Specialist’s degree and the one who has a Doctoral research to enhance his or her knowledge.

The education system in Cyprus is easy and flexible and designed keeping in mind the interests of the students. The students will really benefit from this type of education system as it will prepare them to make a career in Cyprus or in other European nations.

Cost of living in Cyprus

  1. The restaurants are quite affordable in Cyprus. Cyprus has got a broad range of varied international cuisine that is available at affordable prices.
  2. The bars and restaurants in Cyprus provide local and imported beers priced at 2.50 Euros per pint.
  3. There are a great range of wines that are around 2.20 Euros per glass.
  4. The food in Cyprus is affordable and has a great variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
  5. Petrol is affordable in Cyprus. The petrol prices are between 1.20 Euros and 1.45 Euros.

The cost of living in Cyprus is quite affordable for all the foreign nationals. It is a great destination for the international students due to its affordability and low costs. in order to know more about cost of living and other aspects in Cyprus, contact us.

Requirements for Cyprus

  1. You need a passport with one year of validity
  2. You will need a photocopy of the passport
  3. You require one application form
  4. You need four passport sized photos
  5. You require sufficient proof of funds in order to cover your duration of stay.
  6. You require attested original academic certificates.
  7. You need a certificate of nice conduct from the police department in the home of the applicant’s nation.

The requirements to gain entry into Cyprus are simple and easy and there are not cumbersome procedures.

Work and study in Cyprus

  1. Students may earn at least 500 to 600 Euros per month, 20 hours per week.
  2. One can recover the cost of living and also the tuition fees with utmost ease.
  3. Part time work is allowed after six months’ settlement period.

To work and study in Cyprus is relatively easy and one can easily cover up the cost of studying by working part time. In order to know more about the work and study procedure in Cyprus, contact us.

Cyprus is a main tourist destination in the Mediterranean and has got an advanced high-income economy. It is highly developed. The Cyprus Republic has been a member of commonwealth since the year 1961. It is a great founding member of the non-aligned movement until it joined the European Union. Cyprus has attracted many tourists particularly the students from all over the world.

  1. Local fruits and vegetables are highly affordable to purchase at supermarkets and fruterias.
  2. To rent a property is highly affordable. Water and electricity bills are low.
  3. You can get your car washed at an affordable price.
  4. The local beer and spirits are highly affordable.
  5. The commodities and goods are average priced in comparison to the rest of the Europe.
  6. Several of the everyday groceries are usually around ten to twenty percent affordable in comparison to Northern Europe.

The pace of life in Cyprus is gradual and highly relaxing. There are definitely some cheap options available for you in Cyprus or you may order it online. The living cost in Cyprus is the best in all of Europe.

Work in Cyprus

  1. It is immense fun to work in Cyprus. It is safe and the most fun-filled experience. The life quality in Cyprus is awesome.
  2. English is spoken all over Cyprus.
  3. There are very exciting opportunities to work in case you want a career in financial services arena.
  4. You can find work in restaurants, bars, cafes during the tourist season. Women may get this kind of work with utmost ease.
  5. The finest places to search for work are in busy tourist resort areas like Ayia Napa, Nissi Bay, and Latchi.
  6. The different harvests all around the year will give immense opportunities for work as fruit pickers.
  7. Harvests may be there between May and June and November and December.
  8. Grapes are harvested between August and October and olives in the autumn season. 

You can find a great deal of work in the language schools that teach English in Cyprus. Some of the interesting job opportunities in Cyprus are conservation projects, work camps, working with disabled people and youth exchanges.

Cyprus is an ideal destination for international students. There are great beaches and an exotic nightlife in Cyprus. The students in Cyprus are attracted by its wonderful climate and culture in addition to its advanced and fantastic academic system. The population of the students has varied the cost of living is highly affordable.

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Cyprus is also called the Republic of Cyprus. It is the most famous island in the Mediterranean. It is to the south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. Cyprus is a wonderful country and suits the international students.

Cyprus is a nation that has got a wide variety of benefits. You have the chance to see the world. Cyprus will provide you the opportunity to witness a new culture and a new country. You have a chance to experience varied styles of education.

  1. Vocational education: There is vocational training in Cyprus through presenting courses and setting standards also.
  2. Tertiary education: These are in state and private universities in Cyprus and that includes three of the public ones. They are the Cyprus University, University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Open University of Cyprus.

The number of students are usually around 6000 and the teaching is in the Greek language. Admission to colleges and universities is regulated by nationality, culture or residence.

Study in Cyprus

  1. To study in Cyprus may be one of the most exciting experiences for a foreign student. By studying in Cyprus, you have the chance to study in other countries and take in a wide variety of benefits.
  2. The education in Cyprus for international students is of high quality and it is safe and a friendly environment at a nominal cost.
  3. The students enrich the educational experience and bring a great dimension to their culture.

Cyprus can provide higher education and high-quality standards and provides students with the necessary skills. The education in Cyprus for international students is one of the best in the whole world and the students will really benefit from it.

The students discover that living cost in Cyprus is highly affordable to them and they can study having complete peace of mind in Cyprus.

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When you are in Cyprus, you may go to your local public employment service that is there in the main towns to search for jobs and get some good advice. Several companies ask for a resume and cover letter and that should include details of your academic or professional qualifications and experience and also individual information.

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Cyprus is a major source of attraction for the students who want to pursue their career in this island nation after completion of their studies. The beauty of Cyprus and cost of living in Cyprus has attracted many students from around the world.

Work Abroad Cyprus

  1. To find a job is quite a difficult prospect in Cyprus.
  2. Cyprus has got an affordable cost of living.
  3. Cyprus has got an amazing mixture of African and Asian cultures.
  4. It has got a great hotbed of natural beauty.
  5. There have been several graduate-level jobs in Cyprus.
  6. There are jobs for finance professionals and accountants in Cyprus. There are pastry cooks, bakers and confectionary makers in Cyprus.
  7. In Cyprus, there are jobs for domestic cleaners and helpers. You can find electrical engineers, hairdressers, and beauticians in abundance in Cyprus.
  8. Nearly four-fifths of the people work in the service sector, tourism, shipping, and maritime trade. This creates a lot of exciting graduate jobs in Cyprus.

The nightlife attracts many of the international workers around the year. Several of the PR jobs are accessible all through the summer season. You may work four to five days in a week in the low season and six to seven days at the time of the high season. For more details about how to work abroad in Cyprus, you may contact us.

Ads are there in the newspaper and through the recruitment agencies. The district labor offices provide the citizens of the European nations with complete information and advice on finding work. They can arrange for vocational training and placements. In Cyprus, there are various jobs in teaching in the private international schools open for the ones who have got two years of teaching experience.

You need a Bachelor’s degree and also a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. The working hours are usually twenty to thirty hours per week. The benefits and salaries depend on your qualifications. The monthly pay is usually around 1850 Euros.

Study in Cyprus

If you study in accountancy and finance, you will get those skills that prove useful in many sectors. So a degree in finance and accounting proves to be very beneficial in the long run.

If you study data analysis and you have some analytical and mathematical skills, you can get a career as a data analyst. A data analyst is in very high demand across many sectors like consulting, finance, manufacturing, and education. For data analysts, certain skills are very necessary like paying attention to detail and having active communication skills.

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