Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

It is a State nominated point-based visa that allows the skilled workers, to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. However, you first need to get the nomination from a state or territory government agency in Australia, to apply for this visa.

To apply for Subclass 190 Visa, you need to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) in the SkillSelect online immigration system of Australia and subsequently, obtain a nomination from a state or territory government agency in Australia. Minimum point score you need to obtain on point based system is 60.

If you are selected, you will receive the ITA (Invitation to apply) for Subclass 190 Visa. You require applying for the visa within 60 days of the receipt of the invitation.

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Key Requirements of the Subclass 190 visa:

To apply for this visa an applicant must:

  1. Be involved in one of the occupations listed in the consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL) of Australia.
  2. Earn 60 points in total based on his/her age, Qualification, experience, English proficiency, state sponsorship etc. factors. Click here to calculate your point
  3. Be under 50 years of age.
  4. Get the positive skills assessment done form a recognized authority
  5. Get the IELTS certification done (in English language as per state/territory requirement)
  6. Have the work experience as per the state/territory requirement
  7. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  8. Apply for State sponsorship
  9. Provide the health and character certifications
  10. Live in sponsoring Australian state or territory for 2 years once visa is granted.

Benefits of the Subclass 190 visa:-

This visa allows you and your family to

  1. Live and work in Australia indefinitely.
  2. Study in Australia full time at any grade of learning, i.e. school, graduate, post graduate, or vocational education at domestic scholar rates.
  3. Receive subsidized health care facilities
  4. Receive certain social security benefits/payments
  5. Apply for the citizenship after spending specific time in Australia
  6. Sponsor the eligible family members for permanent or temporary residency in Australia.

How much this subclass 190 visa costs?

  1. Subclass 190 visa Applicant -3670$(Primary Applicant)
  2. Dependent Applicant Charge 18 and over-1835 $
  3. Dependent Applicant Charge 18 and under-920 $

Additional charges:-

Delhi Immigration Fee:-

  1. Medical Examination:-To be paid directly to the doctor conducting medical examination
  2. Police check:- To be paid to the corresponding authorities in the respective countries where you have lived for more than 6/12 months depending on the visa subclass
  3. Certification/Translation of Documents: – Depending on the certifying person and number of copies to be certified.

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