The higher education system in Bulgaria is great and exclusive. The higher education is facilitated by the universities and colleges. The main aim of higher education in Bulgaria is to train the specialists of high qualifications that are above the secondary school level and also develop culture and science.

The tertiary education system has got fifty-one higher schools that are under the education act and are owned by the state. There are twenty-five universities, one college, and eleven special higher schools.

  • The academic year is divided into two semesters and has thirty-two academic weeks.
  • The date of academic year starting and ending is set by the higher school.
  • Bulgaria is working on developing a good environment for making the higher education system highly modernized.
  • The higher schools include special higher schools, colleges, and universities.
  • A university is a higher school that gives training in a broad range of subjects in professional areas within four main branches of science like social sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and natural sciences.
  • A higher school that provides the academic courses in one or two main branches of science may be a university that has a particular nature.
  • A special higher school does scientific research and innovative activities and provides courses of training in the main areas of arts, science, military science, and physical culture.
  • The higher schools may provide training for getting the educational and qualification degree of master and educational and academic degree of doctor.
  • The college should have full-time faculty and have half of the classroom teaching and practical exercises in every specialty.
  • A college may be there within the university’s structure or of a higher school that is meant for professional area or majors of regulated professions for which instruction is provided. You may contact us to inquire about the structure of the education system in Bulgaria.

The education system in Bulgaria is highly efficient and systematic and attracts students from all over the world.

Study in Bulgaria

  • The university admission requirements can differ from one university to another in Bulgaria.
  • The major requirements to be in the higher education institution are the same if you want to study in Bulgaria.
  • The international student has to be certain that he has the right qualification, valid passport and financial support.
  • The basic requirement to study in Bulgaria for Indian students is if a candidate can get some financial support for the education and cost of living in Bulgaria.
  • Several of the Bulgarian universities are autonomous and they set up the tuition fees for the students.
  • The tuition fees may differ according to the program.

Bulgaria has a nicely developed higher education system and is a great choice for the international students. Most of the Bulgarian university degrees are recognized internationally and are accredited by the nations all over the world. You may contact us to know more about the chances to study in Bulgaria.

Cost of living in Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria is a highly affordable place to live in comparison to many of the other nations in the European Union.
  • The prices can differ from one town to another.
  • The cost of living in Bulgaria may include accommodation expenses and daily costs like transport, food and spending time outside the home.
  • There is a broad range of public transportation modes in Bulgaria like trams, buses, and subway.
  • Tickets are quite affordable also and a single ticket costs around .50 Euros.
  • The cost of living in Bulgaria is low as compared to many of the central and western European Union states.
  • The accommodation is quite affordable.
  • Bulgaria has got a great culture and is a famous tourist attraction.

The cost of living and studying in Bulgaria is low in comparison to other nations in the European Union and that is why the students come here to study. In order to know more about the cost of living in Bulgaria, you may contact us.

Work and study in Bulgaria

  • The students have got an opportunity to get work experience in many fields.
  • In order to get English language practice, the students have a chance to get work experience in several fields.
  • When you are doing a degree level course of study in Bulgaria, you may do part-time work during the term time that is not more than twenty hours per week.
  • You may do full time during the vacations.
  • Full time on a work placement is provided and that is an evaluated part of the course and is not more than fifty percent of the full length of the course.
  • When you do a course of study below degree level, you may do part-time during the term time that is not more than ten hours per week.
  • You can do full time on a work placement as an evaluated part of a course.

To work and study in Bulgaria is exciting and a challenging option for the international students. You may contact us to know more about the work and study in Bulgaria opportunities.

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