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About Us

We at Delhi Immigration are a reliable and fast growing Immigration Consultancy Service in India. With our registered Office in Moga Punjab, we provide customized immigration solutions to the immigration aspirants across the length and breadth of India and the world.

We have a dedicated team of qualified immigration experts, with expertise in the visa and immigration procedures of the countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, etc.

Our services are super tailored to meet the travel needs of:

  1. Professionals seeking better career and life in these countries
  2. Families and couples needing to migrate and live overseas
  3. Students wanting to further their studies
  4. Business people wishing to migrate permanently
  5. And all classes of visa needs

We offer the world’s best immigration services and yet very affordable in terms of service cost.
Delhi Immigration is a registered migration agent, hence our clients are covered by travels regulatory and consumer protection acts.

We are a global leader in providing best online immigration solutions and since immigrating to a new country can sometimes be an overwhelming process, Delhi Immigration help to minimize these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the visa application process.

We have the best team of experts and professionals who have been in the immigration industry for many years and are well versed with current rules and laws and will administer due process that delivers to clients a win-win success rate for their migration needs.

Our core basic values are:

  1. Professionalism: Professionalism means consistency in quality. That is our core value to provide quality service with a professional approach to complete the process. We serve our customers with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity through consultation and communication.
  2. Reliability: We take great pride in being meticulous and extremely detail-oriented so that each application is prepared accurately, as per the existing immigration policy and legal requirements.
  3. Going an extra mile: We always take pride to go out of the box to service a client and help them to achieve goals. We value the customer needs and are strongly committed to deliver the excellent qualitative results.
  4. Urgency: We know migration rules are fluid so we ensure all applications are prepared and lodged with the utmost urgency.
  5. Efficiency: We constantly try to improve on our processes and procedures to optimize the time taken for each applicant’s paperwork and to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Delhi Immigration has designated certain strategies to be able to further fulfill the needs of its clients. Here are some of the tactics that the firm will be able to implement in their plans:

  1. International student placement

  2. System design and development

  3. Compliance

  4. Project management

  5. Change management and system improvement

  6. Industry and stakeholder engagement

  7. Program delivery services

Delhi Immigration’s marketing plans to properly utilize the company’s resources are as follows:

  1. Visit colleges and higher education institutions for the purpose of spreading a word regarding efficient services.

  2. Organize activities to be able to promote the many advantages of studying abroad to native students or the target market. An example of an activity that can be done is to invite representatives of partner foreign institutions and then create a seminar explaining what they have to offer to the target market.

  3. Communicate with international institutions and educational bodies to be able to know more about the country’s educational programs and opportunities that shall be relayed to the target market.

  4. Create promotions and other interactive devices that could effectively disseminate the benefits of studying in a particular country or promoting a specific educational institution.

  5. Expanding the global reach of Delhi Immigration to widen the opportunities of the target market.

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